MotoGP 15. Faster & Advanced A.I MOD 1.4.1

Too Easy? Harder, Faster Ai behavior in and out of curves, more aggresive, new lap records...

  1. swaty


    - Faster & more aggresive AI for a more challenging experience

    - Faster Laps by cpu. Easy is the new Simulator level

    - Sector Qualifying times for GP category adjusted to the new records for all tracks (see below)

    - Original player physics

    ¡ Plus ! :
    - "Wrong way" deactivated for Time Attack and Quick race.:notworthy:

    - When taking a snap shot the lower menu disappears instantly! :notworthy:

    Well, after using the last version as a template on improving the AI, the way they went into corners, making them go faster in bends, i have tweaked the files even more so the computer is more competitive and performs at a higher level.

    What started as an improvement in experience in the “Losail Challenge mod” has now extended to the rest of the tracks with even faster record breaking laps. Even at Losail, which I didn’t think possible:

    Initially the lap record for Losail was 1.55.527.
    The 1st version of the mod took it down to 1:52.226.
    Now this version has taken it to 1.50.983.

    Apart from really pushing it, there are now a lot less charges into one another; it’s much more stable, almost like clockwork. I have tested all the tracks to a certain extent dry and wet. The computer riders react faster, accelerate quicker and make fewer mistakes. Now it’s a lot harder. As a reference, with this mod “Easy/Meduim” cpu level might be equivalent to the Simulator level of the original game. So its like adding 3 levels more of difficulty. On Medium for example the track lap records are similar to the standard times. This mod affects the AI behavior horizontally so it will also affect other categories and years.

    All this only affects the CPU/AI riders, hence the title... here are all the New lap records of the Ai riders at Simulator level for MotoGP...
    Install Instructions:

    1. Make back up of DATA.MIX located at

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP15​

    2. Copy and replace DATA.MIX with the downloaded one​


    gl! ;)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Dohko Riku
    Dohko Riku
    Version: 1.4.1
    Can't see the engineer and you refuse to do something because you're lucky enough to not have the problem = Bad report. Sorry.
  2. vladimirjeger
    Version: 1.4
    OK, it's much more challenging than default game, this mod has potential...but, it's unplayable for me.. First of all, I can't change bike settings cause my mechanic is invisible for some reason. I drive with front hard tire but I can't change it so I wear my front to quickly in races. Second, AI accelerates too fast, they constantly go wide and out of track in slow corners, and still manage to accelerate and catch up with me on the straights even dough I hit the apex just right... This needs tweaks or maybe more different levels of the mod... Like 1 second faster AI, 2 seconds faster AI, etc...
  3. Vayte
    Version: 1.2
    a lot more fun than the original game
  4. madmike34
    Version: 1.1
    Did you put a MotoGP Engine into Moto2? AI is 20/30kmh faster than me, and they run wide at every corner
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Hi. As it says in the description: “ this mod affects the AI behavior horizontally so it will also affect other categories…” it’s the way they structured/developed the game at Milestone so I can’t do anything about it... These versions are originally tuned for MotoGP, I can only suggest try lowering the difficulty or try v.04.

  5. Camel46
    Version: 1.0
    1.0 I was waiting for that kind of mod very long. I think its the best mod for MotoGP15 on this site if You want a challenge. Very good work. Before i was playing Your 0.7v and the qualify times was faster now with 1.0 it looks the times are like in the original game. And in the qualify in the paddock when u click go to track game crashes but when You wait for the rider animation going on the track its ok. But maybe its only my problem. Anyway again excellent work. PS: Sorry for my english.
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the thumbs up and feedback via pm.

      Its fixed in v1.1!
  6. steve white
    steve white
    Version: 0.4
    if you can fix the Ai so they don't crash like at sachenring this mod will be perfect.
    1. swaty
      Author's Response
      Dunno if it was perfect :), cheers, but now: its even faster and with barely any crashes. Sach doesnt crash anymore.
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