MotoGP 14 AI Mod Beta 0.9

MotoGP14 Mod

  1. Jonix
    This is the first A.I. Mod for Motogp14 PC

    -Closer times between Qualifying and Race if you choose "Realistic" or "Difficult" in the option settings. (Usally race times are some tenths slower than qualifying times, but not always).

    Copy the DATA.mix file in your Motogp 14 directory, overwrite the old DATA.mix file. (Remember to make a backup of the default file).

    *NOTICE: This mod works properly only if you have Update 1 and Laguna Seca DLC installed.

    *It doesn't fix the Easy and Medium AI
    I did some testing in Argentina, Jerez and Austin. In Jerez and Austin the AI is now a bit slower compared to quali (matter of tenths) while in Argentina it's faster than quali, but not too much.

    Feedbacks are welcome
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Recent Reviews

  1. Giovaneveterano
    Version: 0.9
    Useful. Thanks! I'm waiting the new update
  2. Paul McVraal
    Paul McVraal
    Version: 0.9
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