Motec LCD 0.2

Motec LCD for trackmap plugin

  1. TJR
    all credit goes to fazerbox for his TrackMap plugin.
    it works on a layer bases thats the only way i could get it to work.
    i couldn't mix them together so i couldn't take something from the wgl widget and add it to the lcd widget.

    To install
    unzip to Rfactor 2/Plugins merge folders and overwrite trackmapconf

    1: if you use a custom trackmapconf you might want to add changes manually read the readme for this.
    2: because it works on a layer bases if you want to move it you will have to realign the other layers/widgets
    3:you will have to assign what buttons you want to use to change whats being displayed. also it works on a hide/show bases not a next bases so unfortunately it takes 4 buttons to operate the 2 screens/4widgets



Recent Reviews

  1. Praxedes
    Version: 0.2
    Can I use it with Game Stock Car Extreme 2013? tks
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