MoTeC C127 SimHub Dash 3

A MoTeC dash for SimHub for universal use!

  1. Changes and Bugfixes 2

    Morgan Gardner
    I know, two updates in one day. But seriously, it's worth the update ;)

    Changelog :

    • Changed font so that all letters/numbers have equal spacing. It fixes the jumping numbers for lap times and such (thanks @PuRe_AdDicT )
    • Added the Redline bar to the case version of the display, dynamically adjusting to the max rpm.
    • Tweaked some widget sizes to avoid text clipping.
    • Added an overlay version of the case...
  2. Changes and Bugfixes

    Morgan Gardner

    • Changed gear indicator, session name and GAIN LOSS labels to a different font. This allows iOS devices to display the dash properly.
    • Adjusted the dynamic RPM gauge using some Javascript for much better accuracy. 4500 RPM now actually shows 4500RPM ;)
    • Case top LEDs now use Car Settings parameters.
    The outer lights are assigned to Shift light 1 offset (10 by default).
    The second-most outer are assigned to Shift light 2...
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