Mosport 2021 (CTMP)

Mosport 2021 (CTMP) 3.0

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MANUAL install instructions:
  • Unzip ZIP file, copy content folder to your Assetto Corsa ROOT folder, click yes to folder warnings. See image below for reference.

There are some issues with various 3rd party apps in AC that cause this track to crash due to the custom animations in place. You might have to disable all your apps and turn them on one by one until you find the one causing the crash. Otherwise you can simply rename the extension folder that is inside the jr_mosport_2021 track older.

There’s no need to remove older versions, they will not be overwritten.

Please use the support forum / Ask a question section if you are still unsure how to install.
Again, use SUPPORT forum / Ask a question section for assistance before posting a negative review, I appreciate it!
Streamers, please add a link to the track in your video description. The least you can do...

Mosport - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 2021

Advertisements and updates as of October 2021
Bug fixes and enhancements, full changelog in the update section



Original Version

Mosport - Canadian Tire Motorsports Park 2019

There's no need to introduce this track, as all of you are well aware of this timeless gem, as it was once host to the Canadian F1 Grand Prix as well as yearly IMSA, Nascar Trucks and Pirelli World Challenge events.

The project:

LilSki and I stumbled on high resolution aerial LiDAR data for a good chunk of the province of Ontario. After some searching, Mosport's iconic, legendary turns were all there.

So I decided to take on the project of bringing it to life in Assetto Corsa, since all we had were regurgitated RFactor conversions that were far from anything accurate. First the beta, now the FINAL release:
  • 2019 Specifications
  • Its laser accurate, elevation, cambers, its bumpy characteristics - all confirmed with telemetry.
  • Follows the "track pipeline": separate physical mesh, object grouping, kslayering, LOD values, low DIP, minimized number of textures, etc.
  • 37 pit stalls, with behind the wall crew and associated vehicles.
  • This track does not host evening/night events, BUT I have lit up most buildings and the RVs on the camping grounds, so you at least have a realistic experience. Also there are camp fires at night!
  • Includes VAO, and shader patch improvements.

  • @LilSki - The reason this project happened in the first place, he did a lot of the leg work before we even had a layout built! And for allowing me to use many assets from Watkins Glen.
  • @llamafett - For the "nascar" style pit objects.
  • @mclarenf1papa - For testing and validating the layout with telemetry.
  • @Leonardo Ratafiá for his camera sets.
  • @Ryno917 - For an incredible amount of reference images.
  • @Stereo - Emissive shader, a must of night lighting!
  • @Chris Haye - Amazing preview video on his Youtube channel.
  • @chas1723 - Beta testing version 3.0.
  • @DrPenguin87 - Beta testing version 3.0.
  • Additional/alternative camera sets created by my good friend Racer.BR
And a big thanks to all the guys from a very "special" discord group, for all the testing, ideas, and resource sharing.

Its a free project, but any support would be greatly appreciated!







Latest updates

  1. 2021 specifications + performance improvements

    - 2021 specifications - advertisements/logos updated, re-did some of the older billboards as...
  2. Bug fixes and small improvements

    Vanilla version: - No need to download add-on shaders, fixed crashing; - Fixed missing alpha to...
  3. 2020 specifications + new additions

    Change log: - New asphalt - repaved during the pandemic - Removed roadlines - Updated...

Latest reviews

Simply 5 stars. So much details and fun animations.
Great track! 50-pits version possible? :)
Fantastic track, thank you very much.
Amazing! I do the same laptimes and make the same mistakes as when I did chumpcar a couple years ago.
An example on how a mod track should be made.
Hi, thank you the circuit! Can you help me how to enable the trackside sounds (crowd, announcer, etc...)?
Great job on this track Mod! I've been going to Mosport since I was a kid in 1964. I live 20 minutes from Mosport, been on a few track days there feels just like it. Everything Rolf the instructor said to do I have to do on the track, you have to do it on your track. By far the most time I have spent is on this track! Did 20 minutes on there sim and your track was a lot better than the iRacing Mosport track they had, but that was 9 years ago lol. I also really like the Road of Alanta track too. Funny I have track discription on and the corner names of Mosport shows up lol, Great work! Thanks
One of the tracks that stays permanently on my rotation. Currently having a lot of fun with the Formula Ford 1600's.
This track looks fantastic!!! No crashes.
One of the few tracks i always come back to!
Visuals are perfect! A must have! Mosport rocks!
State of the art sim track..
But on all 3 versions the starting line seems to be missing?
Or is it swallowed by CSP? :)
When it was repaved in 2020, they never bothered to repaint the SF line
What an iconic track, and what an unbelievably beautiful mod track John has gifted the community with. Stunning visuals, cheering crowds, spectators waving, cars driving along adjacent roads, a superb road mesh. 10 STARS. Thank you!
Appreciate the review and the donation! :)
This track is by far my favorite. high speeds with some nice corners. very well done. thanks to the developers for this one.
One of my favorite tracks, and well done
Super-enjoyable track. And very well done mod.
1:15 (app., in Tatuus) of cool roler-coaster and than the "all-mighty-damn-hard" double right-turn (still can't really find the quickest line there).
And again and again and again.
gorgeous ! a must have !
The gold standard of tracks.
One of the best mod tracks available for AC just got better..thank you!
Excellent work sir!!! Thank you
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