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MoSport 2012 1.0

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This 3D-track was made by NeelJ for rFactor. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker.

-competitive AI made with AC v1.3
-22 pit boxes with working pit lane
-replay cameras
-working track map
-support for hot lap mode
-support for time attack mode

Latest reviews

Awesome work ...Thank you
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Hidden gem here! Absolutely love this track. Great job.
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thanks a lot!!! This brings me back to watching the big race weekend as a kid thank you again!
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Amazing adaptation of the real track.

You helped me live a dream!
Mosport is so much fun, especially when it looks so much like the real thing.
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nice track, especially for races. Looks great. Only few minor glitches.
(1440p here:
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Dang... ! Almost missed this gem (I always check pictures or video before downloading).
This is really a very nice track, well made, beautiful surroundings, has a nice flow to it. It is going to become one of my favorite tracks, very fast !
Love it. THANKS a lot.
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Looks OK. Drives great. Thanks.
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Can't believe I didn't rate this yet.
This version of Mosport is SO much better than the previous rip I played, it doesn't even compare.
One of the best tracks on AC, no doubt. :)
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Love the layout of this track. Thanks for bringing it to Assetto.
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Rather bumpy surface in spots...and nothing was done to really improve the track visually - it still looks like I'm playing rFactor.
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Beautiful track. An excellent job, deserves to be raced on many, many times.
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I like this track!
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Good job mate top quality as usual!!!
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Great job and great track , thanks mate for the release ! :)
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Lorenzo Bonder
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