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Morgan 3 Wheeler skinpack

Morgan 3 Wheeler skinpack 2019-11-10

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Here's some new liveries for the lovely Morgan 3 Wheeler.
I could've go on forever with these but decided that 12 ought to be enough for the time being.

You can use these skins with any version of Morgan 3 Wheeler. The original was done by the great legend known as x4fab or Ilja Jusupov. :notworthy:

The folder structure puts them into Legion's version of Morgan 3 Wheeler cause it has fixed AI, which is not fantastic but good enough for a casual trackday.
So if you use any other version, make sure the skins go in the right folder.

Skins are in 4k but I have included 2k versions in a separate .rar inside. Just extract the 4k versions first and copy the 2k skins over the 4k versions.







You can find Legion's version of Morgan 3 Wheeler by using search engine of your choice, just search for "miscellaneous minutiae"

Latest reviews

Great job. Thank you!
Cool. As aid: Legion's version has raceable AI, whereas in the initial version's AI had no clue how to take a corner on three wheels.
Thanks for the skins.
Nice job,thanks mate !
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