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MoreCarMovement 2.0

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Here my attempt to make a kind of 'motion view'.

(Basically, by tuning the head and body physics in the camera.xml files, some of the shaking is compensated because the body and head can move around now.
All movement settings were set to ZERO in the original files. meaning: yes, eyeballs glued to headrest)

a REAL 'Eyes Level To Horizon' option would add roll and pitch to the car.
Until then I am quite happy with the result and I thought I share my efforts :)

just to give an impression.
the additional subtle car shake effects are not rendered in replays.
crappy low fps and resolution are not representative for in-game experience.

Extract "cars" in your DiRT Rally folder and overwrite.
Original files included if you want to go back.

-- Msportdan incorporated it in his Improved Head Cams V2 mod. Thanks Dan!

This here can be used as a standalone or for custom FOV, triple screen users.
Or feel free to insert the code yourself in a custom camera.xml.

Latest updates

  1. for 1.1 update.

    - checked for differences with the new 1.1 files. - no change from 1.6, except the new cars...
  2. for 1.0 update.

    - checked for differences with the new 1.0 files. - added the new seat position settings. - no...
  3. for 0.9 update.

    - checked for differences with the new 0.9 files. - added the new seat position settings. - no...

Latest reviews

Great mod, thank you ! Now it's a real pleasure to drive with Cockpit view !
It will be perfect for me without the shakes when braking and drift etc. I'm actually removing these effects manually from the last version for those who want
way more comfortable now!!!!!! Good Work...Thanks
Great mod! i think it's a lot better to drive now!!
Great mod! Thank you so much! It make my eyes feel more comfortable!
Great stuff. Helps alot honestly something that should be in Dirt 2.0
works well with trackir
I love it but I wish it could be combined with somehow

Right now the two override eachother
Well... I'm one of those poor souls that have a difficult time with any title where the horizon bounces excessively and Dirt Rally is certainly rattling my eyeballs. This mod however, actually helps quite a bit and for that I say THANK YOU! :) It greatly improves the experience, I even uninstalled to check again and re-installed the next day. Gonna need this mod!
First thing I was waiting for after 1.0 update was this mod! Keep doing what you're doing!
love this mod. now i feel car better. thank you VeloW
That's just an awesome mod. It really makes the cockpit view really better and adds more sense of speed!
It looks more real.thanks you.
Perfect. Makes the cockpit come alive and not feel stagnate. Great work.
Very immersive! Thank you dash cams are wonderful!
This mod is essential for a better racing experience!
Thx looks much more realistic. why ddont they ever think of this stuff. :)
hear hear :)
Lets say: MsSportdan is the creator of the first mods of Dirt Rally. Then suddenly you made this awesome mod, and I made that sexy FFB file. .. Mate. This mod + my FFB + my aftermarket rally wheel = a whole different experience.

<3<3<3 sorry for the informal review. It's just plain awesome.
informal reviews are the best! TY ;)
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