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More Realistic Automatic Gearbox

More Realistic Automatic Gearbox 0.1

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Confused of Reigate here:
You say about installation..."Drag and drop zip into Content Manager, as usual, then enable the app"
I have WinRar, tried dropping into Content Manager but cant see the app on the game, many thanks for your help.
no way. perfect mod
Far from perfect, but glad you like it!
Thanks a lot. Genius. I always wanted this prnd gear box in any driving game.

Assetto corsa's auto-shifting should be OFF for this app to work.
Oh yes I should have added this in the description. Thanks!
great app...keep up the great work
Awesome for cruising! Ty mate!
Okay, this is pretty dang cool! - What i would love to see however is if you could create a pit-limiter/speed-limiter for rolling starts?
Sadly I think that's beyond my capabilities. We're actually not allowed to control the inputs to the car from python apps, this app uses a hacky way to hit the keyboard button to do what it does. I think if i tried to use keyboard buttons to do a speed limiter, it probably would end up really weird...
Perfect, exactly what I have been looking for!