More DRS Zones (+real Jeddah) [Modular Mods]

More DRS Zones (+real Jeddah) [Modular Mods] 1.1

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This (requested) mod adds some more DRS zones to selected circuits:
  • Abu Dhabi,
  • Bahrain (2nd DRS zone is connected to 1st DRS zone, like Melbourne)
  • Hungaroring
  • Imola (two versions)
  • Melbourne
  • Monaco
  • Monza
  • Paul Ricard
  • Shanghai
  • Silverstone
  • Spa Francorchamps
  • Suzuka

Further there is now Jeddah being added with its real 2nd DRS zone and fixed detection zones.

imola_variants.JPG jeddah_fixed.JPG


This mod is part of [Modular Mods] and has [Modular Mods - Base Files] as required mod to be existing or installed in the main [F1 2021] folder.

  1. Copy the folder (not only the files in it) _MOREDRS to F1 2021\_MODULAR_MODS\_ACTIVE\.
    If you do not have that folder, check the requirements first.
  2. If you want to use Imola with DRS zone 2 being after turn 4, copy tracks_moredrs_imola.erp from optional into _MOREDRS. Same goes for Jeddah, if you want to use it.
    If you only want to use Jeddah, simply remove all other.

Simply move the copied folder from ...\_ACTIVE\ up to F1 2021\_MODULAR_MODS\ or delete it.

  • This mod is based on the modular system and will not function without the base files (and of course will conflict with my No DRS zones mod).
  • Other than that it is standalone and will not conflict with any original file.
  • Due to game limitations (max 3 detection zones), some circuits cannot be meaningfully edited.
    e.g. Austria has a free long straight, but it is not possible to insert a new, autonome DRS zone.
  • Again, Bahrain's first two DRS zones are connected to create a new 3rd (actually 4th) zone at the end of the track.
  • That also applies to Imola, that's why two version available.

Latest updates

  1. added Imola (two versions) and Jeddah with fixed 2nd DRS zone

    Changelog 1.1: added Imola in two versions: (both having 3 DRS zones) 2nd DRS zone after...

Latest reviews

love it
Fantastic, are you going to release the myteam FOM swap mod again?
Nice, thank you
Thank you. Do you intend to release the no-drs version?
Yes, I do. Probably in December, I am not having F1 2021 currently as focus.
Thank you very much, sir!

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