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More Aggressive Engine Sound 2.0

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  1. More Aggressive Engine Sound V 1.1

    More aggressive sound of the engine for all teams, the original sound is very annoying, this new...

Latest reviews

Sounds meaty and aggressive - relatively accurate to the real engine sounds and generally more so than the original. Better than other mods for this because its more advanced, and not just a classic-edition copy. Does hurt your ears after a while however, but still would recommend.
Excellent work! Can you make this sound? :)
Awesome sound. Thanks.
no you didn't dude, all of my personal settings are still in the xml, all you did is copy over the file names and renamed them.. shame on you bro, that is so week, and low life..
sounds good but after a little while I get bored of it and put the origial one back
you ripped off this mod from johnnn, the very next day, and call it yours, ande the funniest thing is, you dont have any idea, how to do anything, because you are not capable of even changing one entry in the xml. you post it as you stole it. you are a piece of crap. every mod you have put on, is stolen from one of the modders here. get a li8fe you jerk off..
Thank you for the compliments , you are mistaken, I created and edited the sounds for all teams , please be more education.
Brilliant, thanks. On my setup the sounds are actually closer to the real cars so I couldn't be happier.
Thank you friend, good fun
Awesome mod!! What camera mod is This?
Hello friend , I downloaded here on the website , but not remember what was required .
Awesome the sounds are much better thanthe original ones! Can you tell me what is your camera mond on this video?
Thank you friend , I tested several cameras and liked most of it, however do not remember which model used ok , grateful almir
aggressive...yesssss, man. you know what? i like it, i need it, i want it, i love it, i keep it and listen to it more n more n...oh thx :D
Sounds pretty sweet, but not very accurate sounds more like a v12.
I watch every year in F1 sp Brazil , I put this sound is a balance between the wonderful sound of a V10 and the current V6 .
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