MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.9.7

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- Added framerate limiter
- Vehicle physics will not be turned off, if the car is not grounded
- Added support for Fishing Mod

- Increased Perajarvi toggling distance to 300 units
- Minor changes in the settings

Bug Fixes
- (Mod) Ruscko Restoration Project: Fixed Ruscko key being visible on Fleetari's desk when it shouldn't be there

- Removed "Temporarily Disable Physics Toggling" button
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- 'Destroy Empty Beer Bottles' will not be activated, if Bottle Recycling mod is present
- Code optimization

Bug Fixes
- Empty beer cases will now not fall through the vehicle
- Empty beer bottles will now not fall through the ground after being used
- Fixed Bottle Recycling mod not being detected by Compatibility Manager
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- Added support for BottleRecycling mod
- Added compatiblity with the newest experimental update (20.02.2020)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed new video poker machine being glitched out

- Removed Occlusion Culling due to it being too unreliable and confusing for new users
Bug Fixes
- Fixed floppies at Jokke disappearing from disappearing
- Jokke's furnitures shouldn't clip through his house floor
- Fixed a bug in which the Hayosiko would despawn if the player didn't had keys for it
- Fixed vehicle doors getting stuck open after respawn

- Removed unused code
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- Added support for KekmetAddons mod

Bug Fixes
- Items left on chimney in the cottage will not fall through it anymore
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Bug Fixes
- Fixed order items (ex. ratchet set) from disappearing when player bought them and left the shop
- Satsuma parts at Repair Shop will not appear when they shouldn't
- Sausage with fries in the microwave at Teimo's will not appear when it shouldn't
- Fixed Teimo's advertisement pile disappearing when taking it away from shop
- Fixed the wobbly bar fighter bug

- Removed unused code
- Increased default strawberry field toggle distance

Bug Fixes
- Strawberry field mailboxes will not be toggled anymore
- Fixed houses at strawberry field not appearing
- Added support for CD Player Enhanced Mod
- CD Player Enhanced Mod: added check for when the CDs have been bought

- Improved compatibility with CarryMore mod

Bug Fixes
- CarryMore Mod: objects should not clip and teleport when taking out of the backpack
- Added support for HayosikoColorfulGauges mod
- Added option to allow MOP to toggle vehicles physics only for vehicles
- Added option to ignore mod vehicles

- Changed how time is displayed in crash logs and mod report to ISO 8601
- Code optimization and improvements
Welcome to the first official stable release of MOP!
What's new compared to Beta 1.6:

- Added "Go to MOP wiki"
- Added a dialog window when opening an external link
- SATSUMA: Toggle Physics Only is now displayed in mod report
- Temporarily Disable Physics Toggling is now displayed in mod report
- Added "Advanced" settings
- Added support for Moonshine Still mod (thanks to Hawk031)

- Changed the layout of mod report
- Minor changes related to occlusion culling
- Moved vehicles and shop items toggling to Advanced settings
- Compatibility Manager rewrite
- Cash Register script optimization
- Renamed "(Beta) Occlusion Culling" to "Occlusion Culling - Experimental"

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bugs related to wristwatch guy the in pub
- Fixed possible future issues with MSCLoader

Beta 1.6 has been reuploaded, because it didn't had updated version number, causing MSCLoader notifying about the update. Sorry for inconvenience.

Also, I have some important news regarding MOP:

From now on, up until the final release 2.0 (because when I uploaded mod for the first time, I stupidly named it 1.0, instead of 0.1), I will not work on adding more features and adding support for more mods.

I will purely work on the bug fixes and optimization. After the 2.0 gets released, I will work on adding support for other mods. You can help with speeding up the development by sending bug reports, sending error logs (if one gets generated) and so on!

Thank you to everyone, who contributed to MOP, and ones who sent the bug reports and tested MOP since the first beta!
- Added "Temporarily Disable Physics Toggling" button in the settings. If your vehicle gets stuck in the air, you can temporarily disable physics toggling. Physics toggling will be enabled back next time you restart the game
- Added the date of report generation to mod report
- Strawberry field now is disabled when player is far away from it
- Piers and railroad tunnels are also disabled

- Changed the initialization delay to 2 seconds
- Code optimization and enchancements

Bug Fixes
- Fixed battery charger cables connecting themselves, after leaving and getting back to home
- Changed how GT grille is checked on initial loading. GT grille should not disappear anymore (at least, I hope so)
- Fixed house toggling sometimes breaking and causing MOP to not turn on the yard back on
- Fixed Satsuma physics not toggling back on, after leaving it on the Fleetari's lift and going back to it after save
- Fixed lift at Fleetari resetting back after respawn
With the release of Beta 1.5, I accidentally uploaded the old version Beta 1.1.3. Hovewer I reuploaded the correct update, which is live now.

I'm really sorry for inconvenience.
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Warning! If you download the Beta 1.5 from the last post which I taken down, please download it again - I accidentally uploaded a very old version Beta 1.1.3.

- A 1 second delay before mod initialization to mod loading, in order to fix bugs related to GT items and CD radio
- Added "SATSUMA: Toggle Physics Only" in the settings. Enabling it will prevent MOP from toggling car's body elements. Use it only if you experience issues with Satsuma
- Vehicle physics toggling now respect the Active Distance setting
- New mods supported:
- Offroad Hayosiko mod
- Jet Sky mod

Bug Fixes
- Fixed towed cars not moving when trying to tow them
- Fixed in some cases disappearing RPM gauge and GT grille
- Fixed garage doors getting stuck (because yes)
- Garage doors will now work properly
- Fixed CD radio switches disappearing
- Fixed "remove empty beer bottles" setting not working properly
Bug Fixes
- Fixed how Hayosiko despawning is managed. From now on, Uncle Stage has to be set to 5, in order for van to fully despawn. Else, only car's physics will get toggled
- Fixed Gifu diff lock, pump and rear axle being turned on after Gifu respawn
- Fixed flatbed firewood level being reset after it was filled and then the flatbed got respawned
- Empty beer bottles can now be removed automatically, right after you drink the beer. Wouldn't that be neat IRL? (You can enable it in the mod settings)
- Added support for GAZ 24 Volga mod, so you can now feel like KGB agent
- Added support for Police Ferndale mod, so you can now feel like police officer
- Added support for VHS Player mod, so you can watch movies about KGB agents and police officers

- Improved save game hook, so now now it hooks into jail savegame, even when you're not in jail (which may eventually be a thing)
- Minor changes in the settings

Bug Fixes
- Excluded Fury from Drivable Fury mod from occlusion culling
- Fixed two shy houses that would disappear when player tried to approach them. We gave them some confindence boost, so they won't disappear :)
- Fishes should now fish properly
- Occlusion shouldn't crash anymore

- Removed legacy occlusion method, because it was sooo last season
- Does anyone read these? Hello?
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020!

- Added check for when the Occlusion Distance is lower than Minimum Occlusion Distance
- Added save game hook to jail save spot
- Jokke's furnitures are now toggled on and off
- Added spirit to the list of toggled items

- Changed occlusion culling info
- Renamed "Occlusion Distance" to "Maximum Occlusion Distance"
- Improved emergency safe mode scrip
- Changes in settings order
- Improvements related to plastic cans/juice cointaners/kilju
- Unified the console messages
- Minor changes under the hood
- Unified some variable names
- Code optimization and improvements
- Code refactoring

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a typo in the settings
- Excluded Hayoshiko from the occlusion
- Fixed camera and fireworks bag from clipping through the cottage
- Fixed an issue with Hayosiko staying between tree walls even after it should be at the uncle's

- Removed Occlusion Sample Delay from the settings
- Added error tracing to PreSaveGame function
- Added some Christmas Spirit

- Fundamental changes in how store items are getting disabled and enabled
- Items shouldn't now change their position, or teleport to each others after respawn
- Items should now be saved correctly
- Note: because of that, there FPS boost with the mod may be a bit smaller than it used to be

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug in which there would spawn random money at Fleetari's

- Removed unused code
- Added full support for Drivable Fury!
- Added support for Second Ferndale!
- Both vehicles get toggled - just vanilla vehicles!
- Added MSC Mod Loader info to "Generate mod info"
- Mod will check if the MSC Mod Loader version is newer than 1.1.5
- Added boat to the list of hidden objects
- Occlusion Hide Delay will now be automagically calculated
- Added car jack and warning triangle to list of toggled items

- Simplified Occlusion Sample Detail settings - now it consists of 5 checkboxes
- Occlusion Culling leaves the experimental stage and now is in Beta!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some lights getting switched back on after house reload
- Fixed legacy culling throwing an error on game save
- Fixed an error related to uncle's beer case
- Fixed PreSaveHook not being triggered in some save points
- Fixed tires landing under the repair shop, when they were left for change
- Fixed Satsuma possibly clipping through the floor at repair shop
- Fixed tree collisions not working
- Fixed an issues related to saving the game

- Removed electricity poles from the list of removed objects
- Removed unused code
- Removed Herobrine
Beta 1.1.3 (17.12.2019)
Bug Fixes:
- Fix related to 1.1.2

Beta 1.1.2 (17.12.2019)
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed beer cases falling through the ground