MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.5

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- Added full support for Drivable Fury!
- Added support for Second Ferndale!
- Both vehicles get toggled - just vanilla vehicles!
- Added MSC Mod Loader info to "Generate mod info"
- Mod will check if the MSC Mod Loader version is newer than 1.1.5
- Added boat to the list of hidden objects
- Occlusion Hide Delay will now be automagically calculated
- Added car jack and warning triangle to list of toggled items

- Simplified Occlusion Sample Detail settings - now it consists of 5 checkboxes
- Occlusion Culling leaves the experimental stage and now is in Beta!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some lights getting switched back on after house reload
- Fixed legacy culling throwing an error on game save
- Fixed an error related to uncle's beer case
- Fixed PreSaveHook not being triggered in some save points
- Fixed tires landing under the repair shop, when they were left for change
- Fixed Satsuma possibly clipping through the floor at repair shop
- Fixed tree collisions not working
- Fixed an issues related to saving the game

- Removed electricity poles from the list of removed objects
- Removed unused code
- Removed Herobrine
Beta 1.1.3 (17.12.2019)
Bug Fixes:
- Fix related to 1.1.2

Beta 1.1.2 (17.12.2019)
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed beer cases falling through the ground