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MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.11.2

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- Added loading screen

Bug Fixes
- Probably fixed items falling through Satsuma (the game is such a mess, that I can't be 100% sure)
- Fixed more cases in which Satsuma would "gain on weight" for no reason
- Fixed doors at yard being closed after respawn
- Fixed some parts bolts seeming to be unbolted, even tho internally the part was fully bolted, making it impossible to detach the part (mostly applies for saves that were used pre-2.11 update. If you started your save after 2.11 update, you're good)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working, if player hasn't bought the computer
- Added "Disable empty items" option in the MOP settings, under Other section
- Objects that are marked as "empty" by the game (like used coolant bottles) are automatically disabled
- Stolen machine slot now despawns
- Pedastrians NPCs now despawn
- Added new console command `mop generate-list [true/false]` - it generates the list of what items are despawned by MOP (useful for mod makers that want to create rule files for their mods)
- If the Custom.txt rule file is present, the content of it will be showed in MOP log and mod report
- Added experimental save file optimization (disabled by default)
- WARNING: This is a highly experimental function, I recommend making your own backup of entire save folder! **USE ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!**
- Can reduce the save file size, from 10% to 30% (depending on how old is the save file)
- Should reduce the load time (especially for older saves)
- You can enable it using flag "experimental_save_optimization" in the custom rule file
- MOP generates a save (defaultES2File and items) backup on each save with ".mopbackup" suffix (ex. defaultES2File.txt.mopbackup)
- If something wrong has happened to your save, you can issue command "mop restore-save", that restores last save backup

- (My Summer Car) Restocking now works no matter the player's distance to the store (previously, if player was too close to the store, the restocking script wouldn't trigger)
- Optimized how anti bolt resetting script works
- Renamed "Open last log" to "Open last MOP log" in the MOP settings, to avoid confusion
- MOP will not check if the server is online on each menu opening, reducing the main menu load time if you're offline
- Minor performance enhancements
- Minor changes to console outputs

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed save files staying in "read only" state, if the game crashed when trying to switch from the game scene to main menu after saving, in result causing saving to not work properly (yes, it was not MOP's bug...)
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed negative battery terminal disappearing seemingly for no reason at all
- Fixed MOP sometimes not initializing after starting a new game
- Fixed player's bedroom window wrap resetting to default value
- Fixed Satsuma engine not being re-enabled, if ToggleAll function has been called, potentially causing some parts to not save their bolt states
- Fixes pre game save actions not executing, if the Suski has called the player during the game ending
- Fixed floppy eject button on the computer not working
- Fixed a bug in which player would get the 60 seconds parc ferme penalty during the rally
- Fixed a bug in which Satsuma would get heavier and heavier after each respawn
- Fixed a bug in which there would be a sunlight shining through the floor inside of the home early in the morning (around 2-6 AM)
- Fixed MOP throwing an error, if the rule file couldn't be verified

- Rule Files API: Removed obsolete flags
- Removed unused code
- Added Dynamic Draw Distance
- The draw distance will be doubled, if player is above certain level - so you can see entirity of the map
- And it will be lowered, if you're in the building
- You can enable it in the settings
- Added "Run in Background" toggle in the MOP settings, letting you choose if the game pauses on ALT+TAB
- Added CheatBox warning (it will NEVER be supported, stop messaging me about it, here's an explanation: Link)
- Added info at the bottom of MOP settings
- If the incorrect flag has been found in rule file, the error line will be displayed

- Tweaked Repair Shop sector to be less aggresive
- Improved the dialog upon clicking a link in the settings
- Minor changes in the settings
- Improved fuel tank level saving script
- Multiple rule files API changes
- Rule Files API: ignore_at_place is now obsolete! Please use ignore: [place] [object_name] instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_renderer is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] renderer" instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_item is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] item" instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_vehicle is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] vehicle" instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_vehicle_physics_only is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] vehicle_physics" instead
- Rule Files API: prevent_toggle_on_object is now obsolete! Please use ignore: [vehicle_name] [object_name] instead
- Overall improvements in rule files loading
- Code optimization and improvements

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Added missing collisions to the car parked at the Fleetari's repair shop
- Fixed saving potentially breaking, if the Safe Mode is on
- Fixed potential bug in PlayerTaxiManager class
- Fixed Safe Mode not initializing properly if the toggling routine failed, and getting stuck in constant "trying to restart" loop
- Fixed toggle ignoring on objects inside of vehicles working only for the first item in the rule file
- Fixed MOP rules loading not working, if the mod has been disabled and the game has been restarted
- Fixed MOP not working, if player stole the video poker machine
- Fixed enabling of all objects on MOP crash
- Fixed Teimo counting the broken windows multiple times, if you broke one, left the shop area and came back
- Fixed Gifu position and waste tank level sometimes not saving properly
- Fixed Satsuma bolts sometimes not saving their values
- Fixed the save game hook not working for the Rent Apartment mod save point
Warning: My Summer Car update from June 2020 is now required!

- By default, Rule files are now verified if they are coming from trusted source
- Untrusted rule file will be deleted
- You can disable it in the MOP settings
- You can now make MOP to check rule files auto update on every restart
- Added "mop cat" command - it prints the content of a rule file

- MOP now checks for rule files auto update every 2 days by default

Bug Fixes
- Fixed video poker stealing object bugs
- Fixed steering assist being turned on, despite disabling it in the settings
- Probably fixed bouncy Satsuma bug, if it wasn't fully assembled
- Computer won't be disabled, if it is left on
- Fixed bouncy Jonnez bug
- Fixed missing new line in new custom rule file
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working, if the experimental_optimization flag was not set
- Some element of Satsuma (such as expensive simulations) will be disabled, if the player is not in the car
- Added new commands:
- mop delete [ModID]
- mop open [ModID]

- Renamed "Enable Shadow Adjusting" to "Adjust Shadows"
- Lowered the distance after which the haybales are re-enabled
- Overall performance enhancements

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed repair shop cash register trigger
- Fixed steering rods resetting their value
- Fixed assemble sound playing on Satsuma respawn
- Fixed Jonnez kickstand resetting to default value on respawn
- Fixed Jonnez making collision noises
- Fixed Satsuma without wheels making collision noises
- Fixed shadow adjusting not saving correctly

- Removed "SATSUMA: Toggle Physics Only" form the mod settings
- You can now adjust the shadow distance
- Envelopes and lottery tickets physics is now toggled

- Improved how MOP is loading, so it will not break completly, if something goes wrong during initialization
- Improved Rules class loading
- Refactored Places class
- Moved MOP rule files info label in the main menu to center, so it displays correctly on 4:3 displays
- Home chimeny is not toggled anymore, so objects wont fall through it

Bug Fixes
- Fixed registry plates glowing bug
- Fixed "Open output_log" not working under Linux
- Fixed rule files potentially not working under Linux
- Fixed following items not toggling: macaron box, milk, potato chips, pizza
- Fixed bus randomly ending up on its side
- Pikes are now toggled when removed from the trap
- Added spawn hook to fish trap

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Teimo's cap and glasses disappearing, when he's riding on a bike
- Fixed not being able to save the game, if player didn't finish the Jokke moving job
- MOP sectors are disabled when you're far away from them
- Command 'mop new' now can create mods rule files using 'mop new modID'
- Added 'mop open-folder' command that opens MOP config folder

- Sector game objects are now parented to MOP_WorldManager

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Satsuma license plates Z fighting bug
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Z fighting bug of a slot machine in store
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Z fighting of wrist watch dials
- Fixed kilju bottles sometimes not teleporting to junkyard and still being full, after selling them to Jokke
- Car jack and floor jack doesn't despawn, if it's not in it's default position
- Fixed Flatbed being attatched to the Kekmet, even when both were far apart
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Bug Fixes
- Fixed tire change job at the repair shop not working properly
- Fixed 'prevent_toggle_on_object' flag
Really sorry for everyone that encountered the bug with some elements of yard and other places not loading correctly, but it only happpens to some specific people, at a specific occasion, which I yet have to figure out. 10 other people have been testing MOP 2.9 and nobody reported that issue.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed places LOD not loading correctly for some people
- Fixed a bug in which Flettari would not greet player, and buying parts not working
- All items in the game are now toggled
- Offset wheels are now also toggled
- Trunks now add weight to the car
- Added hook to car part boxes
- MSC's default LOD scripts for yard, store, repairshop, inspection and farm are now disabled,
to save some processing power

- Tweaked how vehicles physics is now toggled, eliminating the bug that would cause sudden FPS drop
- Changed how MSC fixes are applied
- Overall code optimization and improvements

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed rear bumper sometimes detaching on game load
- Fixed a bug with a trailer being attached, while the log was still there
- Fixed a bug in which Custom.txt wouldn't be loaded, if no other rule file was present
- Fixed player dropping a helmet after putting it on
- Fixed 'mop reload' not resetting sectors
- Fixed how yard TV is loaded, which would prevent rule files not work with it
- Fixed rear view window grille paint resetting
- Fixed MOP throwing a bug related to uncle's beer case
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not starting, if player didn't buy CD player
- Added a data sending disclaimer, when starting MOP for the first time
- Experimental Trunk: Added support for multiple storages
- Added a storage in a glovebox
- Added experimental optimization system, that disables Satsuma, if it's parked at the garage
- You can enable it using custom rule file flag: experimental_optimization
- Added new rule file flag "min_ver", which tells MOP what's the minimum required version of MOP for that rule file to work

- Improved hood fix script
- 'mop rules' command won't show empty categories anymore
- Changed max framerate limiter value to 144 FPS
- Partial code refactoring
- Minor changes in the mod settings

Bug Fixes
- Fixed firewood carrier resetting to the default position
- Fixed compatiblity with CDPlayer Enhanced mod
- Fixed radio stopping playing, uppon Satsuma respawn
- Fixed car jack potentially resetting to the default position

- Removed unused code
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working on the official version of the game
- Fixed kilju bucket getting disabled, resulting in a very long kilju brewing time
- Added support for new car bulb lights
- Added sector at the cabin
- Added trigger under the cottage, which teleports the objects that are under it back up
- Added extra check for when the trailer support log gets stuck under the map
- Spark plugs are now toggled

- Mattres at the old mansion aren't disabled anymore
- Tweaked sectors at store and repair shop, so it's not as "in your face" as it used to be
- Items that have fallen under the map will now respawn on the landfill
- Partially restored the old method of keeping position of Satsuma

Bug Fixes
- Fixed wasp hives not saving their state
- Fixed fish trap not working
- Fixed coffee pan and jerry cans resetting its value
- Experimental hood system will not disable objects, if they rear seat is not attached
- Fixed wrong slash for you lovely Linux users
- Fixed batteries not charging when leaving the yard
- Addressed an issue of flatbed support log getting stuck under the map
- I'm so done with this bs...
- Fixed spark plugs resetting to the default position
- Items toggling overhaul
- Added 2 new flags to rule files:
- ignore_mod_vehicles - works the same as the setting moved from Advanced settings
- toggle_all_vehicles_physics_only - works the same as the setting moved from Advanced settings
- Junk cars are now toggled
- Mooses are now toggled
- Rally parts salesman is now toggled
- Haybales are now toggled
- Slightly changed the home sector
- Rule file flag "ignore" now affects items - it will now prevent disabling of an item, and only allows disabling of the physics and renderers (basically, the old fashioned way)
- Minor changes in how MOP checks if an item is stored in CarryMore inventory
- Added sector at the cottage
- Added sector at the storage room next to kitchen
- Added sector on the driveway (you can enable it only using custom rule file: add flag "driveway_sector")
- Added check if an item has fallen below the ground. If they did, they're gonna respawn at the yard
- Added a filter to rule files loading, that looks for prohibited items (related to MOP and MSCLoader)
- Added (experimental) Satsuma trunk system! You can enable it using custom rule file flag: experimental_satsuma_trunk
- Uppon closing the trunk, all items inside of it will be disabled

- Moved advanced settings into custom rule files

Bug Fixes
- Fixed car body paint resetting to default
- Fixed a bug in which batteries would sometimes teleport back to the car, if it was left on charge
- Fixed oil fitlers, batteries, spark plugs and and alterantor belts not saving their values
- Fixed items falling through vehicles
- Fixed seats not being able to be attached, if they weren't attached before to the car
- Fixed MOP spaming output_log on game reload
- Fixed a bug in which MOP would sometimes not load on new game, or save and reload
- Machine hall next to Uncle's home will not appear and disappear when entering the sector
- Fixed area checks and sectors preventing user interaction with certain things
- Minor formatting fix to "mop rules" command output
- Fixed machine hall disappearing when leaving it
- Fixed wasp hives resetting to the on load state
- Fixed a bug, in which the framerate would drop, if player dropped held item

- Removed advanced settings section in the mod settings
Bug Fixes
- Fixed alternator tightness level resetting to default after Satsuma respawn
- Fixed flatbed falling into the ground, if the tractor was left under certain angle, and trailer was on the flat surface
- Trailer is now fully disabled on distance
- Changed how MOP checks if server is online
- Minor changes in the mod settings

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Ventii bet resetting to the default value
- Fixed a bug which would prevent player from detaching oil filters, batteries, spark plugs and fan belts
- Fixed batteries popping off on load
- Fixed an error message appearing with the GAZ 24 car
- Fixed rule files updating not working under GNU/Linux using Wine

- Removed unused code
Welcome to MOP 2.7. After 9 days of in development, hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

- Satsuma enabling and disabling overhaul
- Added support for user made rule files!
- Simply create Custom.txt where rule files are located and do your magic!
- For documentation, visit https://github.com/Athlon007/MOP/wiki/Rule-Files-Documentation
- Added new items to toggled elements:
- Computer
- Rykipohja
- Mansion
- TV
- Added CheckSteam to mod report
- Drunk guy new house is now toggled when not needed
- Expanded sector at home into the sauna and shower areas
- Unity car is now being disabled on game load
- Added notice to Advanced section of the settings
- Added sector in jail
- You can now prevent MOP from removing unused rule files
- Note: unused rule files will not be loaded!
- Added system version info to mod report
- Added garbage collecting on menu load
- Added a small easter egg ;)

- Increased toggling distance when Active Distance is set to 0 from x0.5 to x0.75
- Changes in how Satsuma position saving is operated
- Increased the toggle distance of repair shop from 200 to 300 units
- Server connection error won't bring up the console on load
- Increased server timeout to 20 seconds
- Development: Changelog elements marked as the development change are now marked orange

Bug Fixes
- Fixed spare wheel falling through the ground
- Fixed driver mass being enabled when it should not be
- Fixed MOP trying to access the playmaker script of the item even tho it didn't exist
- Fixed Jail save not working
- Fixed Gifu **** tank restting to the on load value
- Fixed MOP trying to connect to the rule files server when offline with rule files auto update disabled
- Fixed repair shop getting disabled, when going to the far corner of it
- Fixed uncle's beer case hook not getting hooked, if the uncle is not present yet in the story
- Fixed Satsuma physics not toggling, if the left front wheel is not attached
- Fixed oil filters, batteries, spark plug boxes and alternator belts not getting hooked
- Fixed vehicles physics getting enabled back, if player was in the sector
- Fixed "levitating Satsuma" bug, which may also cause Satsuma ending up on the roof of the garage (yes, this is stupid)

- Removed unused code
- Added sector at home
- Added a warning message in case of experimental version of the game being detected

Bug Fixes
- Fixed haybales resetting to their original position
- Fixed haybales despawning if taken to the yard
- Fixed MOP not activating objects, if the player died
- Fixed cottage ax disappearing when taken out of the cottage
- You can now set the frequency of rule files auto update
- Added rule files settings into mod report

- Vehicle physics is now not toggled, if the vehicle is moving (so you can push the car off the ski hill again!)
- Optimized seats script
- Updated mop-rules command output
- Minor changes in how mod is initialized

Bug Fixes
- Fixed items not being able to be rotated in some (beer) cases
- Fixed MSC bug in which the hood would pop off on game load
- Fixed lag while entering sector
- Minor changes to how items are toggled
- Changed how toggling method is changed for vehicles, when the toggling mode is changed to only toggle the physics

Bug Fixes
- Traffic is not toggled while entering pub or repair shop
- Fixed a bug in which the trailer would get stuck in ground, if the Kekmet has been toggled
- Fixed rules not affecting the combine harvester
- Fixed crash on Boat.ToggleBoatPhysics
- Items won't fall under the home pier, when player enters the garage
- Fixed possible memory leak
Note: Expect items to fall through vehicles, if you're using some kind of teleportation mod, or NoClip. There's nothing I can do about it.

- Added check of Experimental versions in mod log
- Wheels that aren't attached to the car are now toggled
- Added some more bugs to fix later

- Items are now toggled before vehicles
- Rewritten vehicles toggling to more reliable method
- Rewritten items toggling, in order to prevent items falling through the vehicles
- Updated some error codes
- Error codes now appear before exception info
- Changed how toggling works while player enters sectors, in order to prevent items from clipping through vehicles

Bug Fixes
- Attempt to fix items clipping through vehicles (again...)
- Attempt to fix Satsuma getting flipped (topless plz fix your ****)
- Fixed safe mode bug
- Fixed My Summer Car bug in which seats would detach themselves
- Fixed MOP crashing if some engine part has been removed from Satsuma
- Fixed a bug which potentially would cause MOP to try to divide by 0
- Fixed boat fuel level resetting after respawn
- Satsuma deformation logic doesn't get reneabled by MOP
- Minor bug fixes

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