MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 3.2.1 Pro

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Due to a dissatisfaction with RaceDepartment's latest interface changes and me not willing to maintain 3 separate sources, I decided to leave that site. MOP 3.2.1 is the last version available on that site.

MOP will still be available for download here and here.
No changes for Mod Loader Pro.
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Bug Fixes

- MSCLoader: Fixed mod crashing
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This version is the same as version 3.2, plus extra support for the brand new Mod Loader Pro.
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- MOP now comes with two variants! A version with the legacy Mod Loader, and a shiny new Mod Loader Pro support!
- In order to fully utilize the new Mod Loader Pro, download "" file
- (Mod Loader Pro) Added "Change Resolution" button in MOP settings
- Added ********* button

- Improved Hayosiko disabling during early part of the game
- Changed how vehicle position is verified
- Reduced time which takes for fail-safe trigger of loadscreen to do it's thing to 20 seconds
- Slightly reduced the object spawning/despawning time
- Rocks won't despawn when player is at home

Bug Fixes
- Sold kilju should not respawn on the junkyard as full anymore
- Fixed a lag that was fixable by player having walk to the Satsuma
- More fixes to radiator hose3 (again)
- Fixed fuel line bolt resetting to default
- Fixed rare case of not yet found suitcase falling through the map and triggering murderer sequence
- Fixed fire extinguisher holder

- Removed rule files flag: "experimental_save_optimization"
- Updated to MSCLoader 1.1.13
- Improved performance of places enabling and disabling (even by up to 12x!)

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed MSC bug, which caused Satsuma parts that detached themselves from the car sometimes being not reattachable until after the game restart
- Fixed Satsuma door hinges getting jammed, which prevented doors from being opened
- Fixed Satsuma odometer resetting to an on load value
- Fixed possible bug that may have caused not all mail boxes to be counted towards the Teimo adverts job progress
- Fixed "radiator hose 3" not spawning on fresh game save
- MOP will try to fix your save file, if it finds that the passenger bucket seat is missing from your game world, while you own driver bucket seat
- Added "Delete unused rules" button in MOP settings
- Added some more information to MOP log

- Updated to MSCLoader 1.1.12
- Changed the minimum bolts reset handling - now it's a mod console error, instead of an exception
- Changed the warning in "Logging" section of MOP settings
- Updated FAQ link to MOP wiki
- Improved MOP load time
- Optimization improvements

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug in which crash log and bug reporting would fail, if it was generated before ItemsManager could load
- Fixed MOP not loading, if a passenger bucket seat was missing
- Fixed flatbed being stuck attached to the Kekmet
- Fixed "radiator hose 3" not having ItemBehaviour property added to it
- Fixed "radiator hose 3" spawning at default position, if it was detached from the car and the game was saved
- Fixed "radiator hose 3" possibly disappearing on detach
- Sauna simulation won't reset itself anymore
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- If MOP got stuck on load screen for over 30 seconds, load screen will be disabled and an error will be displayed

- MOP now asks if you want to generate a mod report, even if MOP couldn't load into the game.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed infinite load screen due to CanTrigger finding
- Added some more info to MOP reports

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Perajarvi construction site despawning
- Possibly fixed an error happening, where in some cases MOP couldn't find the CanTrigger object during game save
- Possibly fixed an error, where MOP tried to check if rigidbody of item is disabled, but the item didn't have rigidbody component
- MOP Report:
- Added the number of installed mods
- Added game window width and height
- "I found a bug button" will now ask you to load the game fully at least once, before generating a bug report
- Added an instruction what to do, if an error occures

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an error, if object that was SatsumaMassManager was hooking didn't have Remove FSM
- Fixed pathfinding of objects in error logs
- Fixed engine renderers not being enabled back on
- Fixed fighting between EngineCulling and ItemBehaviour; In some cases, EngineCulling tried to disable the renderer, while the ItemBehaviour tried to enable it back on. From now on, EngineCulling has a priority over ItemBehaviour
- MOP will now ask, if you want to include your save file with bug report

Bug Fixes
- Second attempt on fixing the bug, which left renderer and rigidbody of the object disabled
- Fixed occassional null exception when toggling Teimo shop
- Fixed an error in rule files loading, where if a "ignore" flag was set to TRAFFIC object, MOP would say that this object is not being disabled and would the ignore that flag
- With that, fixed compatibility with CallYourCousin
- Fixed kilju bottles sold to Jokke being teleported to the junkyard with kilju still in them
- Fixed possible null reference exception in SatsumaSeatsManager class
- Fixed windshield repair job not fixing the windshield
- MOP will now ask, if you want to include your save file with bug report
- Fixed repair shop door self resetting
- Fixed cabin door self resetting
Bug Fixes
- Boombox is no longer disabled by MOP, if it's playing music
- Fixed MOP not being able to find the can trigger at Jokke
- In some cases physics and mesh renderer of the object could get stuck disabled, this is now fixed
- Fixed Kekmet and trailer not being connected together, if the game was saved with trailer being attached to the tractor
- Fixed items clipping through vehicles in Performance mode
- Fixed kilju bottles sometimes not being teleported to the landfill after selling to Jokke
- Fixed possible case of delegating toggling method of ItemBehaviour being null
- Fixed firewood logs not being hooked properly
- Fixed an error where if player stood in a single place for long enough, traffic cars would pass by with renderers disabled

- Removed "lazy updating" when player wasn't moving, due to it causing some issues.
- Traffic vehicle renderers are now being disabled when not needed
- Added "I found a bug" button in MOP settings
- Generates a .zip file that contains output_log.txt, MOP report and all today MOP logs

- Total rewrite of WorldObjects
- "Loading Modern Optimization Plugin" message is now fully capitalized
- Rule files that couldn't be verified are not deleted anymore, instead they are being skipped
- Improved load time
- Increased dance hall toggling distance
- Renamed "Open session log folder" to "Open log folder"

Bug Fixes
- Fixed MSC bug, which caused a lag when the highway traffic was loading
- Fixed Jokke's furnitures getting disabled when they shouldn't be
- Fixed disappearing "radiator hose 3"
- Fixed not appearing firewood logs, if they were picked from wood carrier
- Fixed possible cases of two or more ItemBehaviours being attached to a single object
- Fixed "Open log folder" button not working
- Fixed "Delete all logs" button not working
- Fixed Satsuma doors occasionally having two FixedJoints, making the doors stuck
- Fixed MOP potentially getting stuck on the "Loading Modern Optimization Plugin" load screen
- Fixed Gifu possibly stalling, if hand throttle hasn't been adjusted
- Fixed hiking grandma animation playing while she's sitting in the car

- Removed "mop open-logs" command

- Firewood log prefab is now being hooked from the beginning, meaning the firewood logs will despawn accordingly


- MOP logs are not saved into session ID folder, instead they are called by the date time they were created in order to make it less confusing
- Framerate limiter values now range from 20 to 200
- Framerate limiter values now jump by 10, instead of by 1

Bug Fixes

- Fixed MOP not working properly, if player is using analog controller
- Freshly spawned firewood logs should despawn correctly
- Fixed "mop generate-list" and "mop load-rules" commands not working as intended
- Possible bug fix for player dying in Satsuma from low speed impacts
- Fixed cursor showing up on MOP load screen
- Fixed a harmless error appearing on game load, if the player didn't steal the slot machine
- Fixed log folder appearing inside of mysummercar_Data, instead of the root MSC folder
- Fixed a typo in ignore_full obsolete warning


- Removed "mop sector-debug" command from the help list

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MOP is back!

Yup, it's true! MOP is officially back! For the past 6 months, mod development has been frozen. But today, after 3 months of in development, a brand new update is released - the update 3.0!

This is the biggest update to Modern Optimization Plugin, practically every single function has been redesigned or rewritten from scratch. Testers reports claim 20-30 more FPS compared to the outgoing 2.12.2 version of the MOP, as well as smoother experience.

Here's a full changelog:


- Added Modes of how MOP operates:
- Pick between Performance, Balanced, Quality or Safe operation modes
- Performance mode disables elements right "in your face", but gets you a bit more FPS
- Balanced mode is is intended to balance between obvious disabling of objects, and quality
- Quality mode tries to hide how MOP disables things, at the cost of speed
- MOP will not execute any heavy operations, if the player is not moving.
- Added "Session ID":
- GUID based identification system, which will mark this specific session
- Used mainly for crash log system
- Added "mop open-logs" command
- Garage doors are now being disabled if player is not in the yard area.
- "mop help" command now supports search. You can search for command help by typing "mop help <command_name>", for instance "mop help version" will show you information about "mop version" command, or for instance, type "mop help generate-list" to show the info about "generate list" command
- Added "mop load-rules [true/false]", if set to false, MOP won't load any rule files.
- Rule Files API: Object names with space can be written using quotation marks, instead of using "%20", example: you can use ignore:"The Object" insted of ignore:The%20Object


- Updated for MSCloader 1.1.8
- Renamed "Run in Background" to "Run Game in Background"
- Major overhaul of how world objects are handled
- Many improvements in Vehicles logic
- Optimized initialization of MOP
- MOP will not crash, if one or more elements couldn't be loaded
- You can keep using MOP and playing the game, even if something didn't finitialize
- Dynamic Draw Distance is now smoother
- The previously experimental optimization features are now enabled by default in Performance mode
- Improved the reliability of the script that reinstalls the rear bumper after game load
- Changed the welcome screen
- Improved the script that prevents the trailer to get stuck under floor
- Driveway sector now is enabled in the performance mode
- Complete overhaul of error logging system
- Now mulitple error logs can be saved during the session (but only one for the error type)
- Logs are now saved into My Summer Car installation path, into "MOP_Logs" path, which are then saved inside of the current session ID folder
- Errors now are separated by critical and non critical errors. If non-critical error occures, the player can continue playing
- Minor changes to settings UI
- "mop open-folder" is now "mop open-config"
- Rule Files API: ignore_full is now obsolete, and has been replaced with "ignore: <object_name> fullignore"
- Renamed "Destroy Empty Beer Bottles" to "Destroy Empty Bottles"
- "Destroy Empty Bottles" now works for booze, coffee, spirit, milk and vodka shots
- Many smaller optimization changes and improvements
- Changed "Don't delete unused rule files" to "Delete unused rule files" (disabled by default)
- If not in Performance mode, Perajarvi church is not disabled anymore, so it's always visible on the horizon
- Lake house in Perajarvi won't be disabled in Quality mode
- Satsuma is now being disabled, if left for repair works
- "mop wiki" command now shows you the prompt before opening the browser
- Major changes in the internal file structure
- File folder structure now represents the structure of namespaces
- Disabling and enabling objects is now 2x faster

Bug Fixes

- Fixed "Critical error". Now if error happens will show where the issue happened specifically.
- Fixed a bug in which the vehicles would sometimes get frozen while driving
- Fixed a bug in which the MOP would potentially be stuck on load screen
- Mouse movement is now also disabled on load screen
- Fixed MOP not loading up the front hook of Kekmet
- Fixed a bug in which player could interract with objects on MOP load screen
- Fixed a bug in which the value "lightSelection" in Satsuma class would be null
- Fixed a bug in which the vehicle audio sound would stay in place
- Fixed engine renderers not showing up, if the car's hood got detached
- Fixed the engine cooldown ticking sound replaying after the player walks away from the car and walks back to it
- Fixed doors paint color potentially resetting
- Fixed berry picking skill resetting to default
- Fixed Gifu air pressure resetting to default
- Fixes "open output_log.txt" not working properly
- Fixed badly placed trigger for Shop Mod items
- Fixed Gifu hand throttle stopping to work
- Fixed Kekmet hand throttle stopping to work
- Fixed a bug in which vsync would get re-enabled if the game has been Alt+Tabbed with disabled running in background
- Fixed a bug in which the money amout in the suitcase would reset to the default value


- Removed experimental Satsuma storage system
- Removed many scripts that are not needed anymore
- Removed much of now obsolete code
- Reverted to pre-2.12 method of getting items position
Bug Fixes
- Fixed an error on game load, which would cause items to teleport to XYZ: 0,0,0
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- On the game load, MOP will not get the saved position of items, meaning less chance for items to fall through car, etc.
- Added a message when you try to enable Safe Mode in the game

- Minor changes to the settings

Bug Fixes
- Fixed CD cases not appearing, if the player loaded the game away from 0,0,0 position
- Fixed Satsuma potentially breaking on game save
- Improved "Open output_log.txt" button inner workings
- Fixed Satsuma getting wrecked, if played died in the car while it was moving

- Removed unused code
- CDs and CD cases are now hooked by MOP
- Rule Files API: "satsuma_ignore_rule" now affects Z-fighting fixes of Satsuma gauge neeldes
- Rule Files API: "ignore" flag now affect Satsuma childs and renderers objects

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Z fighting of RPM gauge and clock
- Fixed kilju not being hooked by MOP on game load
- Fixed the dashboard gauges Z fighting bug fix not working, if the gauges panel haven't been attached to the car on game load
- Fixed computer memory resetting to default value
- Fixed compatibility with ColorfulGauges3 (requires rule files update)
- Fixed odometer of Gifu, Hayosiko and Kekmet's hour meter resetting to the default values
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- Added a message, if player tries to open output log, or last MOP_LOG when there is none

- Improved the performance of sectors

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Z fighting of Satsuma dashboard needles
- Fixed a bug in which the Satsuma could potentially be sent into the air, if the player Alt+Tabbed during MOP loading screen
- Fixed bus roll fix not working as intended
- Fixed a bug in which MOP would throw an error while trying to hook the save game action to the phone handle
- Fixing items falling out of the Satsuma's boot 2: The Collider Boogaloo
- Fixed a bug with infinitely burning garbage barrel fire
- Fixed MOP throwing error, if the pedastrian has been knocked out
- Added loading screen

Bug Fixes
- Probably fixed items falling through Satsuma (the game is such a mess, that I can't be 100% sure)
- Fixed more cases in which Satsuma would "gain on weight" for no reason
- Fixed doors at yard being closed after respawn
- Fixed some parts bolts seeming to be unbolted, even tho internally the part was fully bolted, making it impossible to detach the part (mostly applies for saves that were used pre-2.11 update. If you started your save after 2.11 update, you're good)
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working, if player hasn't bought the computer
- Added "Disable empty items" option in the MOP settings, under Other section
- Objects that are marked as "empty" by the game (like used coolant bottles) are automatically disabled
- Stolen machine slot now despawns
- Pedastrians NPCs now despawn
- Added new console command `mop generate-list [true/false]` - it generates the list of what items are despawned by MOP (useful for mod makers that want to create rule files for their mods)
- If the Custom.txt rule file is present, the content of it will be showed in MOP log and mod report
- Added experimental save file optimization (disabled by default)
- WARNING: This is a highly experimental function, I recommend making your own backup of entire save folder! **USE ONLY AT YOUR OWN RISK!**
- Can reduce the save file size, from 10% to 30% (depending on how old is the save file)
- Should reduce the load time (especially for older saves)
- You can enable it using flag "experimental_save_optimization" in the custom rule file
- MOP generates a save (defaultES2File and items) backup on each save with ".mopbackup" suffix (ex. defaultES2File.txt.mopbackup)
- If something wrong has happened to your save, you can issue command "mop restore-save", that restores last save backup

- (My Summer Car) Restocking now works no matter the player's distance to the store (previously, if player was too close to the store, the restocking script wouldn't trigger)
- Optimized how anti bolt resetting script works
- Renamed "Open last log" to "Open last MOP log" in the MOP settings, to avoid confusion
- MOP will not check if the server is online on each menu opening, reducing the main menu load time if you're offline
- Minor performance enhancements
- Minor changes to console outputs

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed save files staying in "read only" state, if the game crashed when trying to switch from the game scene to main menu after saving, in result causing saving to not work properly (yes, it was not MOP's bug...)
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed negative battery terminal disappearing seemingly for no reason at all
- Fixed MOP sometimes not initializing after starting a new game
- Fixed player's bedroom window wrap resetting to default value
- Fixed Satsuma engine not being re-enabled, if ToggleAll function has been called, potentially causing some parts to not save their bolt states
- Fixes pre game save actions not executing, if the Suski has called the player during the game ending
- Fixed floppy eject button on the computer not working
- Fixed a bug in which player would get the 60 seconds parc ferme penalty during the rally
- Fixed a bug in which Satsuma would get heavier and heavier after each respawn
- Fixed a bug in which there would be a sunlight shining through the floor inside of the home early in the morning (around 2-6 AM)
- Fixed MOP throwing an error, if the rule file couldn't be verified

- Rule Files API: Removed obsolete flags
- Removed unused code
- Added Dynamic Draw Distance
- The draw distance will be doubled, if player is above certain level - so you can see entirity of the map
- And it will be lowered, if you're in the building
- You can enable it in the settings
- Added "Run in Background" toggle in the MOP settings, letting you choose if the game pauses on ALT+TAB
- Added CheatBox warning (it will NEVER be supported, stop messaging me about it, here's an explanation: Link)
- Added info at the bottom of MOP settings
- If the incorrect flag has been found in rule file, the error line will be displayed

- Tweaked Repair Shop sector to be less aggresive
- Improved the dialog upon clicking a link in the settings
- Minor changes in the settings
- Improved fuel tank level saving script
- Multiple rule files API changes
- Rule Files API: ignore_at_place is now obsolete! Please use ignore: [place] [object_name] instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_renderer is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] renderer" instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_item is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] item" instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_vehicle is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] vehicle" instead
- Rule Files API: toggle_vehicle_physics_only is now obsolete! Please use "toggle: [object_name] vehicle_physics" instead
- Rule Files API: prevent_toggle_on_object is now obsolete! Please use ignore: [vehicle_name] [object_name] instead
- Overall improvements in rule files loading
- Code optimization and improvements

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Added missing collisions to the car parked at the Fleetari's repair shop
- Fixed saving potentially breaking, if the Safe Mode is on
- Fixed potential bug in PlayerTaxiManager class
- Fixed Safe Mode not initializing properly if the toggling routine failed, and getting stuck in constant "trying to restart" loop
- Fixed toggle ignoring on objects inside of vehicles working only for the first item in the rule file
- Fixed MOP rules loading not working, if the mod has been disabled and the game has been restarted
- Fixed MOP not working, if player stole the video poker machine
- Fixed enabling of all objects on MOP crash
- Fixed Teimo counting the broken windows multiple times, if you broke one, left the shop area and came back
- Fixed Gifu position and waste tank level sometimes not saving properly
- Fixed Satsuma bolts sometimes not saving their values
- Fixed the save game hook not working for the Rent Apartment mod save point
Warning: My Summer Car update from June 2020 is now required!

- By default, Rule files are now verified if they are coming from trusted source
- Untrusted rule file will be deleted
- You can disable it in the MOP settings
- You can now make MOP to check rule files auto update on every restart
- Added "mop cat" command - it prints the content of a rule file

- MOP now checks for rule files auto update every 2 days by default

Bug Fixes
- Fixed video poker stealing object bugs
- Fixed steering assist being turned on, despite disabling it in the settings
- Probably fixed bouncy Satsuma bug, if it wasn't fully assembled
- Computer won't be disabled, if it is left on
- Fixed bouncy Jonnez bug
- Fixed missing new line in new custom rule file