MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.9.4

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- Pikes are now toggled when removed from the trap
- Added spawn hook to fish trap

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Teimo's cap and glasses disappearing, when he's riding on a bike
- Fixed not being able to save the game, if player didn't finish the Jokke moving job
- MOP sectors are disabled when you're far away from them
- Command 'mop new' now can create mods rule files using 'mop new modID'
- Added 'mop open-folder' command that opens MOP config folder

- Sector game objects are now parented to MOP_WorldManager

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Satsuma license plates Z fighting bug
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Z fighting bug of a slot machine in store
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed Z fighting of wrist watch dials
- Fixed kilju bottles sometimes not teleporting to junkyard and still being full, after selling them to Jokke
- Car jack and floor jack doesn't despawn, if it's not in it's default position
- Fixed Flatbed being attatched to the Kekmet, even when both were far apart
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Bug Fixes
- Fixed tire change job at the repair shop not working properly
- Fixed 'prevent_toggle_on_object' flag
Really sorry for everyone that encountered the bug with some elements of yard and other places not loading correctly, but it only happpens to some specific people, at a specific occasion, which I yet have to figure out. 10 other people have been testing MOP 2.9 and nobody reported that issue.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed places LOD not loading correctly for some people
- Fixed a bug in which Flettari would not greet player, and buying parts not working
- All items in the game are now toggled
- Offset wheels are now also toggled
- Trunks now add weight to the car
- Added hook to car part boxes
- MSC's default LOD scripts for yard, store, repairshop, inspection and farm are now disabled,
to save some processing power

- Tweaked how vehicles physics is now toggled, eliminating the bug that would cause sudden FPS drop
- Changed how MSC fixes are applied
- Overall code optimization and improvements

Bug Fixes
- (My Summer Car Bug) Fixed rear bumper sometimes detaching on game load
- Fixed a bug with a trailer being attached, while the log was still there
- Fixed a bug in which Custom.txt wouldn't be loaded, if no other rule file was present
- Fixed player dropping a helmet after putting it on
- Fixed 'mop reload' not resetting sectors
- Fixed how yard TV is loaded, which would prevent rule files not work with it
- Fixed rear view window grille paint resetting
- Fixed MOP throwing a bug related to uncle's beer case
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not starting, if player didn't buy CD player
- Added a data sending disclaimer, when starting MOP for the first time
- Experimental Trunk: Added support for multiple storages
- Added a storage in a glovebox
- Added experimental optimization system, that disables Satsuma, if it's parked at the garage
- You can enable it using custom rule file flag: experimental_optimization
- Added new rule file flag "min_ver", which tells MOP what's the minimum required version of MOP for that rule file to work

- Improved hood fix script
- 'mop rules' command won't show empty categories anymore
- Changed max framerate limiter value to 144 FPS
- Partial code refactoring
- Minor changes in the mod settings

Bug Fixes
- Fixed firewood carrier resetting to the default position
- Fixed compatiblity with CDPlayer Enhanced mod
- Fixed radio stopping playing, uppon Satsuma respawn
- Fixed car jack potentially resetting to the default position

- Removed unused code
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working on the official version of the game
- Fixed kilju bucket getting disabled, resulting in a very long kilju brewing time
- Added support for new car bulb lights
- Added sector at the cabin
- Added trigger under the cottage, which teleports the objects that are under it back up
- Added extra check for when the trailer support log gets stuck under the map
- Spark plugs are now toggled

- Mattres at the old mansion aren't disabled anymore
- Tweaked sectors at store and repair shop, so it's not as "in your face" as it used to be
- Items that have fallen under the map will now respawn on the landfill
- Partially restored the old method of keeping position of Satsuma

Bug Fixes
- Fixed wasp hives not saving their state
- Fixed fish trap not working
- Fixed coffee pan and jerry cans resetting its value
- Experimental hood system will not disable objects, if they rear seat is not attached
- Fixed wrong slash for you lovely Linux users
- Fixed batteries not charging when leaving the yard
- Addressed an issue of flatbed support log getting stuck under the map
- I'm so done with this bs...
- Fixed spark plugs resetting to the default position
- Items toggling overhaul
- Added 2 new flags to rule files:
- ignore_mod_vehicles - works the same as the setting moved from Advanced settings
- toggle_all_vehicles_physics_only - works the same as the setting moved from Advanced settings
- Junk cars are now toggled
- Mooses are now toggled
- Rally parts salesman is now toggled
- Haybales are now toggled
- Slightly changed the home sector
- Rule file flag "ignore" now affects items - it will now prevent disabling of an item, and only allows disabling of the physics and renderers (basically, the old fashioned way)
- Minor changes in how MOP checks if an item is stored in CarryMore inventory
- Added sector at the cottage
- Added sector at the storage room next to kitchen
- Added sector on the driveway (you can enable it only using custom rule file: add flag "driveway_sector")
- Added check if an item has fallen below the ground. If they did, they're gonna respawn at the yard
- Added a filter to rule files loading, that looks for prohibited items (related to MOP and MSCLoader)
- Added (experimental) Satsuma trunk system! You can enable it using custom rule file flag: experimental_satsuma_trunk
- Uppon closing the trunk, all items inside of it will be disabled

- Moved advanced settings into custom rule files

Bug Fixes
- Fixed car body paint resetting to default
- Fixed a bug in which batteries would sometimes teleport back to the car, if it was left on charge
- Fixed oil fitlers, batteries, spark plugs and and alterantor belts not saving their values
- Fixed items falling through vehicles
- Fixed seats not being able to be attached, if they weren't attached before to the car
- Fixed MOP spaming output_log on game reload
- Fixed a bug in which MOP would sometimes not load on new game, or save and reload
- Machine hall next to Uncle's home will not appear and disappear when entering the sector
- Fixed area checks and sectors preventing user interaction with certain things
- Minor formatting fix to "mop rules" command output
- Fixed machine hall disappearing when leaving it
- Fixed wasp hives resetting to the on load state
- Fixed a bug, in which the framerate would drop, if player dropped held item

- Removed advanced settings section in the mod settings
Bug Fixes
- Fixed alternator tightness level resetting to default after Satsuma respawn
- Fixed flatbed falling into the ground, if the tractor was left under certain angle, and trailer was on the flat surface
- Trailer is now fully disabled on distance
- Changed how MOP checks if server is online
- Minor changes in the mod settings

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Ventii bet resetting to the default value
- Fixed a bug which would prevent player from detaching oil filters, batteries, spark plugs and fan belts
- Fixed batteries popping off on load
- Fixed an error message appearing with the GAZ 24 car
- Fixed rule files updating not working under GNU/Linux using Wine

- Removed unused code
Welcome to MOP 2.7. After 9 days of in development, hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

- Satsuma enabling and disabling overhaul
- Added support for user made rule files!
- Simply create Custom.txt where rule files are located and do your magic!
- For documentation, visit
- Added new items to toggled elements:
- Computer
- Rykipohja
- Mansion
- TV
- Added CheckSteam to mod report
- Drunk guy new house is now toggled when not needed
- Expanded sector at home into the sauna and shower areas
- Unity car is now being disabled on game load
- Added notice to Advanced section of the settings
- Added sector in jail
- You can now prevent MOP from removing unused rule files
- Note: unused rule files will not be loaded!
- Added system version info to mod report
- Added garbage collecting on menu load
- Added a small easter egg ;)

- Increased toggling distance when Active Distance is set to 0 from x0.5 to x0.75
- Changes in how Satsuma position saving is operated
- Increased the toggle distance of repair shop from 200 to 300 units
- Server connection error won't bring up the console on load
- Increased server timeout to 20 seconds
- Development: Changelog elements marked as the development change are now marked orange

Bug Fixes
- Fixed spare wheel falling through the ground
- Fixed driver mass being enabled when it should not be
- Fixed MOP trying to access the playmaker script of the item even tho it didn't exist
- Fixed Jail save not working
- Fixed Gifu **** tank restting to the on load value
- Fixed MOP trying to connect to the rule files server when offline with rule files auto update disabled
- Fixed repair shop getting disabled, when going to the far corner of it
- Fixed uncle's beer case hook not getting hooked, if the uncle is not present yet in the story
- Fixed Satsuma physics not toggling, if the left front wheel is not attached
- Fixed oil filters, batteries, spark plug boxes and alternator belts not getting hooked
- Fixed vehicles physics getting enabled back, if player was in the sector
- Fixed "levitating Satsuma" bug, which may also cause Satsuma ending up on the roof of the garage (yes, this is stupid)

- Removed unused code
- Added sector at home
- Added a warning message in case of experimental version of the game being detected

Bug Fixes
- Fixed haybales resetting to their original position
- Fixed haybales despawning if taken to the yard
- Fixed MOP not activating objects, if the player died
- Fixed cottage ax disappearing when taken out of the cottage
- You can now set the frequency of rule files auto update
- Added rule files settings into mod report

- Vehicle physics is now not toggled, if the vehicle is moving (so you can push the car off the ski hill again!)
- Optimized seats script
- Updated mop-rules command output
- Minor changes in how mod is initialized

Bug Fixes
- Fixed items not being able to be rotated in some (beer) cases
- Fixed MSC bug in which the hood would pop off on game load
- Fixed lag while entering sector
- Minor changes to how items are toggled
- Changed how toggling method is changed for vehicles, when the toggling mode is changed to only toggle the physics

Bug Fixes
- Traffic is not toggled while entering pub or repair shop
- Fixed a bug in which the trailer would get stuck in ground, if the Kekmet has been toggled
- Fixed rules not affecting the combine harvester
- Fixed crash on Boat.ToggleBoatPhysics
- Items won't fall under the home pier, when player enters the garage
- Fixed possible memory leak
Note: Expect items to fall through vehicles, if you're using some kind of teleportation mod, or NoClip. There's nothing I can do about it.

- Added check of Experimental versions in mod log
- Wheels that aren't attached to the car are now toggled
- Added some more bugs to fix later

- Items are now toggled before vehicles
- Rewritten vehicles toggling to more reliable method
- Rewritten items toggling, in order to prevent items falling through the vehicles
- Updated some error codes
- Error codes now appear before exception info
- Changed how toggling works while player enters sectors, in order to prevent items from clipping through vehicles

Bug Fixes
- Attempt to fix items clipping through vehicles (again...)
- Attempt to fix Satsuma getting flipped (topless plz fix your ****)
- Fixed safe mode bug
- Fixed My Summer Car bug in which seats would detach themselves
- Fixed MOP crashing if some engine part has been removed from Satsuma
- Fixed a bug which potentially would cause MOP to try to divide by 0
- Fixed boat fuel level resetting after respawn
- Satsuma deformation logic doesn't get reneabled by MOP
- Minor bug fixes
- Farm is now toggled
- Combine is now toggled
- Added sector at machine hall on player's yard

- Updated for MSC Mod Loader Version 1.1.7
- Sectors now work when using noclip mod
- Changed error codes
- Street lights won't be toggled when entering the store
- Moved the MOP message dialogue to upper right corner in main menu in order to not overlap the ModLoader messages
- Changed how Active Distance slider is displayed
- Minor internal changes
- Removed unused code

Bug Fixes
- Fixed potential error, in which MOP would not load if the rule files class haven't been loaded
- Fixed house renderers disappearing, if the player entered the garage and the active distance was set to 0
- GIFU: Fixed **** tank resetting to empty, if the truck was respawned
- Items should not fall through the cars anymore
- SATSUMA: Fixed Fleetari not painting the car body
- House in front of Fleetari won't be disabled if the player enters the repair shop
- Bar fighter won't disappear when entering the bar
- Fixed Satsuma flipping over on certain occasions (needs testing)
- Fixed Safe Mode not kicking in correctly
- Fixed Farm and Combine job darts appearing on the yard map when they shouldn't
- Fixed PathsLayer turning on when it should not be available for the player
- Fixed Satsuma physics toggling right when car gets activated, alllowing items inside of it potentially flip the car
- Fixed macaron boxes not being hooked
- Removed empty shopping bags spawning at the backyard bug
- Fixed shopping bags that have been loaded on game save not being able to hook new items
- Fixed items from opened shopping bag teleporting back to cash register at store
- Fixed game crashing when player is driving the green Fittan or EDM to his house
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working if the Satsuma isn't built
Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working if the Satsuma isn't built
- Added "mop-rules" command
- Detailed lake is now also toggled while entering sector

- Rule files downloading optimization
- From now on, MOP will only update rule files when the newer one is available on the server, instead of re-downloading all of them
- Optimized the script which is triggered when driving the Satsuma
Note: First game start may take a little longer (depending on how many mods you have), because MOP has to download rule files.

- Added rule files system!
- Added new section in settings: Rule Files
- From now on, all mod compatibility is done via the text files with .mopconfig format, dwonloaded from the remote server
- No need to update MOP in order to add mod compatibility! (At least in most cases)
- Mod compatibility rules can be updated if needed! MOP checks for rules update every week (you can force update check in the settings)
- You can disable rules updating in the MOP settings
- Satsuma renderers are now disabled, if not needed
- Satsuma engine renderers are now disabled, if player is in the car, and hood is attached
- Added disclaimer for pirated copies of the game
- Added "Open output log" button into settings
- Added more items to toggled objects
- Added extra sector at store

- MOP now loads in the main menu
- Sectors are now enabled for everyone
- Improved how sectors work
- Some console messages are now colored
- Moved 'Open Last Log' and 'Generate Mod Report' to new category - Logging
- All game objects created by MOP will now have "MOP_" suffix in their name
- Changed some console messages to be more self explanatory
- Improved the readibility of changelog
- Code optimization and improvements

Bug Fixes
- Boat will not disappear/teleport back to the spawn position on respawn
- Fixed doors at home seeming to be open, while in fact they were closed
- Increased toggling distance of water facility, so it doesn't clip on and off when player is at the junction next to school
- Fixed sector at Teimo being placed incorrectly, allowing player to experience "out of bounds" state while being outside
- Fixed possible index out of range bug while toggling items
- Fixed lake simple tile not being found by sector manager
- Fixed sectors not toggling off, if player is using noclip
- Fixed a bug in which Satsuma would remain disabled, if the player went and ordered a repairshop job without using Satsuma
- Fixed a bug in which Satsuma toggling script would be called every time, wasting resources

- Removed swamp from toggled world objects
This update is only for players who are playing on stable release. If you use Experimental, you don't have to update!

PS: Now I see why in Chinese culture number 4 is considered an unlucky number...

Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working on update 23.12.2019
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Bug Fixes
- Fixed ItemHook being applied twice causing MOP to break and run slower
- Rewrote Item toggling to more reliable script
Yes, I'm aware that MOP 2.4-2.4.2 for whatever reason doesn't work for some, but just saying "doesn't work" won't help me fix this!

In order for me to fix MOP I need output_log.txt file, because I'm simply unable to locate the source of the issue.

Where can you find output_log.txt, if MOP doesn't work for you?

Simply navigate to My Summer Car main folder (the folder where mysummercar.exe is located), then go to mysummercar_Data, and there you can find output_log.txt. Please, ATTACH IT instead of just saying "MOP doesn't work"!
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Bug Fixes
- Fixed MOP not working for some users
- Added error codes to crash logs

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some parts in Satsuma untighting after being installed and Satsuma was reloaded
- Fixed MOP not working if Enable Sectors was disabled
- Fixed error spam when some error happens in loop
- Inspection is now toggled
- Added sectors
- Uppon entering one, some elements will be disabled (such as some trees)
- Also the toggling distance will be reduced to 30 unites
- Disabled by default! You can enable it in the settings (Enable Sectors)
- Added dirt and highway bridges to toggled items
- Added compatibility with Supercharger and ECU mods

- Moved "Ignore Mod Vehicles" to Others
- Renamed "Go to MOP wiki" to "MOP Wiki"
- Code optimization and improvements

Bug Fixes
- Fixed "Destroy Empty Beer Bottles" not working with Uncle's beer case
- Fixed objects left at the inspection building sinking into the ground
- Fixed poker machine disappearing when towing it far from store

- Removed Toggle Vehicle and Toggle Items
- Updated for MSC Mod Loader Version 1.1.6

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug in which player couldn't use brochure at Fleetari repair shop
- Added support for Tangerine Pickup
- Added extra check for when player ordered a thing in Repair Shop

Bug Fixes
- Removed Inspection from toggling, in order to fix bugx related to the new periodic inspection system
Bug Fixes
- Fixed flatbed resetting to full, after player sold the logs and flatbed got unloaded
- Fixed ordered paintjobs resetting to default white, if they were ordered and player left the repair shop
- Improved how MOP checks if the rope to the vehicle has been hooked
- Changed how the on ground check is checked for Jonnez

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Gifu being frozen when the Active Distance is set to 0
- Fixed MOP not starting if one of the diskettes from Jokke's apartment has been left in the computer
- Added framerate limiter
- Vehicle physics will not be turned off, if the car is not grounded
- Added support for Fishing Mod

- Increased Perajarvi toggling distance to 300 units
- Minor changes in the settings

Bug Fixes
- (Mod) Ruscko Restoration Project: Fixed Ruscko key being visible on Fleetari's desk when it shouldn't be there

- Removed "Temporarily Disable Physics Toggling" button
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- 'Destroy Empty Beer Bottles' will not be activated, if Bottle Recycling mod is present
- Code optimization

Bug Fixes
- Empty beer cases will now not fall through the vehicle
- Empty beer bottles will now not fall through the ground after being used
- Fixed Bottle Recycling mod not being detected by Compatibility Manager
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- Added support for BottleRecycling mod