MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.5

No permission to download
thanks for the mod and the updates
60 fps to 100-120 fps
Great plugin, although the fifth spare wheel, GT parts and the junk cars have some problems rendering even if the player is next to them.
Do you happen to have occlusion culling turned on?
Hi could you bring me the last version because it improved a lot but my game already this version it does not improve anything in my game :(
I have NO how this mod does it but it literally fixes the game
from 25 fps to 60, you made the game playable again for me! Thank you very much!
Great mod 30Fps to 50fps!
I like the idea of this mod, and I really need this mod, but there is a few bugs in this mod. please fix
from 40 to 80-90
Made my game run so much better. From 35 FPS to 65 FPS
Was getting 28FPS default, 30-32 w/ KruFPS, and 60ish with this mod. Good thing is, it doesn't have all the bugs that KruFPS has (cottage items disappearing).
I have 20 FPS more (I don't know if that's a lot) and the game runs much smoother than before. Good work!
This mod really improved my fps from 50-60 to 100-120 (on the experimental branch)