MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 3.1.5

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Very usefull mod. Must have for everyone!
After the Update (3.1.5) the mod now doesn't load anymore.
GIANT fps boost! And the loading screen issue was fixed! Thank you!
its work but i have not higher fps maybe 2 fps more only
it's get stuck on loading
Friend, after clicking to continue the mop does not start and you get a message appearing and never disappear what do I do?
Many savegames do not work with the mod. Could that be fixed?
i love you
fantastic mod
Problem with partly seable part (spindle)
I'm having problems with GT Rims like if you let fleetari put on any tire and then (i skip repair work with cheatbox) if you look them they kinda float and look strange (the chrome part is invisible) they don't have gravity at all + if you throw it then it will slowly move away and nothing will stop it.
This problem has been fixed in 3.1.2.

CheatBox is absolutely, definitely NOT supported by MOP and all issues coming from using it are at user's risk.
The windshields wont fix and different objects are disappearing
i cant open Satsuma doors with the new update,
Great mod always the best
I love you man
Absolutely amazing! I went from 15-25 fps to 30-65fps on a laptop. This mod literally made MSC playable and enjoyable again. One problem I seem to have though is that the two amis guys and the wristwatch man don't seem to spawn anymore. Could this be in the game or the mod? I've tried different settings but nothing helps. Other things that spawn based on the time of day in the game seem to work like the bus and the drunk guy in the green fiat. Any solutions?
It's loading forever, pls fix this
Дрова пропадают
it gets stuck on: refilling beer bottles
I am pretty sure that the latest update makes the game act strange when
driving fast and loading assets in the world. The game sometimes stutters and the car gets stuck in the road leading to instant death and destruction of the car. I used balanced settings with 4x distance .I don't have other mods except a mod to remap my pedals .On vanilla i was not able to reproduce it. I really appreciate your continuation of the mod ,you are improving the game in a way that can not be quantified . Keep up the good work!
This has been fixed in the update 3.0.1.
From 20 FPS to 64. I have too many mods LOL.
Nice mod, went from 70 to 120+
Great work man!
An essencial mod for this game, thanks for your work man
well old version worked fine. so i can't really tell any difference on a new one. maybe on my old laptop there will be a fps increase