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MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 3.1.7

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It is a very nice mod but it has some problems
1 Sometimes the fire extinguisher disappears from where it was installed (but it's still there)
The 2 rear bumpers do not get stuck after falling off and the screws loosen every time I go in
The game does not work
why did i give 1 rate well it says in the console MOP failed to load in time could you tell me what im gonna do since this mod and my mod loader updated THAT MOD SAYS MOP FAILED TO LOAD IN
Best Mod from 50fps to 250fps (amd power lol) but when i load a new game with on the mod it launches the radiator hose 3 to space. I have to disable mod and then make the new world, then i anaible it but can you fix it Athlon007?
Works like a charm, just wish there were more configuration options.
This mod is super! But, when I drive away or walk away from the satsuma, and then come back to it, then the doors wont open. Like I open the doors and they make that opening door sound, but they stay closed. So can you fix this?
The best mod but there is a problem radiator hose 3 when its get off when mod enabled it goes to space Athlon007 pls fix.
From 25fps IT WENT TO 60FPS I NEVER SAW THIS GAME IN 60FPS :O smooth I love it
would give 5 stars but now it fails to load in time and therefore has no effect
this version of mod makes worse perfomance that versions that were before
5 stars but ... when i drive a satsuma above 100 km / h on a dirt road my car crashes. For no reason (shattered windshield bumper fender) someone can tell me why? any settings that i am applying incorrectly?
Hi i have question why MOP don't work with Toyota AE86 custom car but with satsuma it works
it worked for a couple of months but it broke
Maybe make it work with cheatbox? ::DDD
Very usefull mod. Must have for everyone!
After the Update (3.1.5) the mod now doesn't load anymore.
GIANT fps boost! And the loading screen issue was fixed! Thank you!
its work but i have not higher fps maybe 2 fps more only
it's get stuck on loading
Friend, after clicking to continue the mop does not start and you get a message appearing and never disappear what do I do?
Many savegames do not work with the mod. Could that be fixed?
i love you
fantastic mod
Problem with partly seable part (spindle)
I'm having problems with GT Rims like if you let fleetari put on any tire and then (i skip repair work with cheatbox) if you look them they kinda float and look strange (the chrome part is invisible) they don't have gravity at all + if you throw it then it will slowly move away and nothing will stop it.
This problem has been fixed in 3.1.2.

CheatBox is absolutely, definitely NOT supported by MOP and all issues coming from using it are at user's risk.