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MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.12.2

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I never had any problem with FPS, ~60 before (capped), ~60 after.
But even the vanilla game was extremely unstable.
It kept crashing pretty often and randomly. Other times the screen flickered just one colour and restarted the graphics driver (gtx 980 sc).
This awesome plugin has fixed this!
Thank you!
Thanks, great mod
Very great plugin! Just wish it could support Cheatbox :(
I whet from 9 to 18 fps
Exelent work, thank's for it
Excellent mod
very functional, however many times that I start the MSC the mscloader accuses it of having given a fatal error and the mod and automatically disabled could fix this bug; -;
Its a great mod, but lately i've started getting this bug where the game doesn't save correctly. It saves perfectly without the mods, and this is the only mod i have.
i know you are not working in this anymore but... there is a bug with the kilju, after you sell them and go to the landfill to get them back, they are already filled with good kilju and we don't need to worry about making kilju and buying ingredients no effort for free money which is really annoying because i have to manually delete the kilju inside them using MSC editor i was wondering if you could try to fix this, you don't need to bother replying to this if you don't want but... that's it.
Thank you so much for doing this mod, I went from 30 to 60 FPS !!
I would give a 5 star but i do have to say i dont know if i got a faulty version but the M,O,P will not load certain items on the satsuma if i die and im on safe mode so i would appreciate if you could reach out to me on discord @iplaydoc#9441 so i can tell you things that but its a lot more than not loading items it sometimes breaks my game and it get real lagy when im next to or in the satsuma but over all great mod but things need fixing.
Kudos to the developer of this mod, it is a great mod for the low end pc. But i have a problem on this mod, or maybe on my computer itself. when i approaching on the satsuma it lags, could you add an update for that in the future? thanks and keep it up the good work.;)
This plugin is fantastic! But in the latest version it seems that when I start a new game the "Loading Modern Optimisation Plugin" loads forever
a very good mod
friend how can I solve the error (MOP_LOG.TXT) that has come out in the latest updates from 2.10 onwards
This is an amazing mod especially for those with a low end pc but the reason why i'm giving it 4 stars is because when I had the mod installed my gifu rarely started but as soon as I disable this mod my gifu starts first try. I had fuel in my gifu just in case if you were wondering. I will be enabling this mod once either this bug is fixed since I really do need this as my pc is really slow.
This is not really related to MOP, but MSC itself. It's because many things in the game are tied to the framerate.

In order to have 100% success rate of starting Gifu, simply pull the hand throttle all the way out and try to start the engine.
Good fu*king job!!!
Great mod! Been experiencing Finland at 60 fps. One thing that turns down this mod for me is that whenever I die, the satsuma just exploded randomly, parts are fallen off and I have to basically rebuild it. Not sure if this is upon death but I've seen it explode after I die, even when it's not a car accident
Fixed in 2.12
Wow. Never been so smooth. Works perfectly fine and also does work with Cheatbox. Had no problem
The warning is there, because some of the features of CheatBox (such as teleporting items) may not work properly, and there's no realistic way of me fixing that by MOP update.

The only way CheatBox could be 100% compatible, would be if the CheatBox author changed some part of the code.
hey bro the mod is very good but it is saying here in mine that it is giving error in a MOP_LOG i don't know what i do; -; plz help.
If you don't understand I'm sorry I'm from Brazil and I'm using Google translator
Please update to 2.11.4.