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MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 2.11.2

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great mod, but if i am driving the satsuma with all the parts installed from the ecu mod the fps falls down to 20
Pretty good mod but theres a bug where the door would open again when the mod hasnt loaded yet its quite annoying pls fix
Best mod ever made, nocap! respect
tysm dude im using reshade now i got high fps
Wow best mod ever! i have now 70 fps on highest settings thank you for this!!!!!
don't know where to really report a bug, but i'm gonna do it here so you can't eject a diskette from the computer with MOP on
but the mod is amazing it really doubles my fps, and is still stable and not too buggy.
great mod. i just wish that it didnt break cheat box :( oh well still a great mod kudos to you man
So let me get this straight this mod is great but I personally for some reason the game slows down A TON when i get close to the satsuma from 21 fps to like 8 - 10 fps , when i save far from the satsuma the negative terminal unhooks sometimes with the starter , and the gifus crap tank resets to 7,2 liters which is annoying a lot could be by the mods I am using or the launch options idk. Its probably just me but if you could look into it if you need my files ext. just comment. thanks for reading
i can finally experience being a finn at 60fps
HOW AM I ONLY FINDING THIS NOW!!! My game used to run at like 30 to 40 fps on the lowest settings, with MOP i can run golden eye at a constant 55-60fps. Thank you so much for making this, topless gun should hire you lol.
My Game now runs like butter on toast
Im impressed by the outcome. Before i had like 30 - 40 fps. now i get constant 60 ore more, even 100 sometimes..
Excellent mod, but you already know that. Thank you.
its a necessity 9/10 thoug i do wish it could auto replace other versions so i dont have the mop(12) mop(8) mop(13) ect
this is an excellent mod for the game , without it i wouldn't enjoy the game on pretty playable fps , thanks !!!
I'ts great plugin but what I have noticed it takes all power of your graphic card and makes it very hot. Time seems to pass much faster than normal. IDK if this is the main reason why it makes game run faster. First of all when I installed this and updated to MSCLoader 1.1.7, it did not work. I had to delete following files from my mods directory: ionic.zip.dll, mono.cecil.dll, mono.cecil.rocks.dll and mscloader.dll. If not console keeps on and you cant get it off. But like mods often are little hard to get to work so did this one. With a bit of knowledge of computers and programming this is propably easy to get working. Worth of a try if you have problems with graphics. My FPS with Geforce GTX 1650 was about 60 or more.
I literally have no idea what are you talking about.

MOP doesn't even do anytihng to graphics themselves, you may check your GPU.

I have no idea what do you mean by "time passing faster". The game is so poorly programmed, that the time passing may be heavily influenced by the framerate (basically the same issues as in Fallout 76). The movement is for instance heavily influenced by it, like you can jump up higher when you have low framerate. You may try the "Limit framerate" option in the mod settings.

All of these files - I'm 99% positive that you set the mods folder incorrectly and if you had your MSCLoader set correctly, installing MOP is literally the matter of copy and paste.
It's a good mod, but if I load the save with this in, the engine, interior, etc. bolts will come loose. What can I do?
It's great!)
Just great.
great..everything is goood bro ♥
i have play in 2.9.2 now ♥♥♥
If you have experienced issues while saving on 2.9.3, the 2.9.4 is out with a fix for that.
Works perfect, I love all the options you let us play with.
Great mod!
The optimization works really well, but there is a major problem with the steering rods and other specific parts: when you get away from your satsuma, it disappears, along with all the parts mounted (as intended for optimization), but once we get near it to respawn, some parts are really glitched out (as if there weren't bolted down) and the steering rods completely turn inside, to fix it you gotta remove them and bolt them back in, which doesn't work at all times. As a suggestion, i would suggest a setting for the Satsuma to don't disappear. Sorry if it's long and thank you for your time!
There's literally an option to prevent MOP from disabling Satsuma in the settings...
it wroks pretty well

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