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MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin

MOP - Modern Optimization Plugin 3.2.1 Pro

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people who saying that newest version not working you are right but you can download older version that works when you scroll up there is history click it and download older version then it should work:)
This mod is pretty good. But its so annoying when this mod despawns engine parts. My spark plugs were missing everytime i saved the game. i used msceditor and saw that the spark plugs were "installed" but ingame i didnt see them. and i could not install new ones. This mod would be good if it weren't so buggy.
Works, but has a lot of bugs and i have lost count of how many times it glitched my car. Engine parts are always disappearing even in safe mode, its a huge pain in the ass having to buy sparkplugs over and over.
i screwed the satsuma parts closed but this mod detaches those parts and the trakai trailer has bugged the back yard
It wont work for me anymore, it says that its dosent look like a mod
man what did you do to the mod; mod loader says its not a mod wtf fix this pls man ı love your mod now pls fix ı will give you 5 stars
Your latest update tells me that this doesn't look like a mod, and that I should remove it from the folder. Worked great beforehand though!
So i wanna thank the owner for trying his best for this mod but the Thrill of Radiator Hose 3 is back. So to explain clearly, i make a new game, i check for Radiator Hose 3 is here good, i save the game, i continue and what i see, the Radiator Hose 3 Disapeard like the last version. So what i have to do is make a new game, connect the radiator to car, connect the Radiator Hose 3 to radiator (no screwing), and then save the game before i build the car. Then the Radiator Hose 3 will not fly to space or i have to disable the mod, make a new game and then the Radiator Hose 3 will never dissapeard. Sorry for my English, hope you see this message beacause we love your mode and we respect the hard work you do for us, Thank you and please fix it.
Please help me I don't know what to do anymore, my radiator hose 3 disappears out of nowhere when I save and enter the game I can't find it, it just disappears, I already tried looking for it in the landfill but it's not there, I really don't know what happens, yeah. If I have the latest version of the modern optimization plugin, I have the latest version of the mod loader and I have the latest version of my summer car, I started a new game 20 TIMES ..... HELP
I only have one minor problem when I take the letter / order in my backpack and take it out and fail
yes!! great plugin, would recommend to others, my crappy laptop can now run it at 45+ fps rather than 15 fps
Game is now somewhat playable.
It is a very nice mod but it has some problems
1 Sometimes the fire extinguisher disappears from where it was installed (but it's still there)
The 2 rear bumpers do not get stuck after falling off and the screws loosen every time I go in
The game does not work
why did i give 1 rate well it says in the console MOP failed to load in time could you tell me what im gonna do since this mod and my mod loader updated THAT MOD SAYS MOP FAILED TO LOAD IN
Best Mod from 50fps to 250fps (amd power lol) but when i load a new game with on the mod it launches the radiator hose 3 to space. I have to disable mod and then make the new world, then i anaible it but can you fix it Athlon007?
This mod is super! But, when I drive away or walk away from the satsuma, and then come back to it, then the doors wont open. Like I open the doors and they make that opening door sound, but they stay closed. So can you fix this?
The best mod but there is a problem radiator hose 3 when its get off when mod enabled it goes to space Athlon007 pls fix.
From 25fps IT WENT TO 60FPS I NEVER SAW THIS GAME IN 60FPS :O smooth I love it
would give 5 stars but now it fails to load in time and therefore has no effect