Moonshine Still Revived

Moonshine Still Revived 1.3.3

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Info: Please report all bugs/suggestions/questions in Discussion!


  • A working still to distill pontikka (moonshine)​
  • A fully voice acted NPC to sell it to​
  • adjustable sellprices in modsettings(0.5 to 5.0)​
  • new NPC locations(can be turned off with legacy mode in modsettings)​
  • easy mode checkbox so the NPC comes to the boatdock for a price​
  • reset button(modsettings) for when your destill brakes/bottle went missing(save and reload recommended)​
  • you can call Seppo with your phone and arrange a meeting point(v1.3beta)​

Planned features:

  • NPC is at different locations at the waste processing plan(v1.1.0)​
  • adjustable sellprices via slider/textbox in the modsettings(v1.1.0)​
  • easy mode checkbox so the NPC comes to the boatdock for a price(v1.1.0)​
  • reset button for when your destill brakes/bottle went missing)(v1.2.0)​
  • you can make phonecalls(v1.3beta)​
  • bugfixes/adjustments when nessasary​
Known bugs: (report them in Discussion please)

  • No sound when drinking(as of version 1.0.0) Fixed in 1.0.1​
Known mod compatibility issues
  • nothing known right now
How to install:

  1. Make sure you have MSC Mod Loader
  2. Unzip to your mods directory​

How to use still:

I would recommend a backpack mod to go along with this mod.
You alway forgot about your Kiljubucket? Dont suffer more! click me for a download

  1. Fill boiler with kilju (Bucket/JuiceBottle)​
  2. Fill wooden tub with water​
  3. Place moonshine bottle at the end of the tubes, a yellow funnel shows up when it's correct​
  4. Use 3 wood to heat a cold Still after that use 2 wood to keep temps in check​
  5. When it starts dripping it's working, if it steams it's too hot​
  6. If it whistles (a lot), open it up to release pressure, a little whistling is ok​
  7. Check temperature. Add wood if it starts dropping. Keep at ~65°C​
  8. When the needle starts goes up without adding wood. You've boiled off all of the methanol. Throw it away.​
  9. Use key (Default F) on rubber cork to open, turn upside down to empty​
  10. Temp should be above 70 and below 80°C now​
  11. When the temperature goes above ~80°C there's no more ethanol left to boil​
  12. Empty out boiler (it's all waste at this point)​
  13. Sell to Seppo at the waste processing plant​
  14. Or drink it (reworked quenches thirst a lot better)​
  15. Or distill it again to increase purity (you can skip methanol distillation if you did it correctly first time)​

Original Autor: zamp

Latest updates

  1. Moonshine Still Update! (v1.3.3)

    Changelog F9 bug reported by michal105 fixed!(thank you)
  2. Moonshine Still Update(v1.3.2)

    Changelog Bugfix in Phonelogic(right mouse resets cursor even if gui is not running causing...
  3. Moonshine Still Update(v1.3.1)

    Changelog Bugfix glitched CarryMore mod GUI when using the new phone logic Sounds will now...

Latest reviews

We've got Moonshine, we got Kilju, we have Fleetari's V8.
What we don't have? A general Lee skin for the Ferndale.
I love your mod so much. It gives those hilbilly moonshine feeling to the game, especially when delivering it with fleetari's V8
cant fill wood bucket
OK developer look here. so there is a glitch with methanol boiling sound (55c-65c) it basicly never stops ı tried waiting over 15 ingame hours but nope... so after that time ı reloaded my save and tried again but this time ı cracked up the temp to 80c after 10 hours inagme hours (you prob dont have to wait this long for methanol to boil but with the sound glitch ı wasnt able to figure it out early) and dumped what ı got at the bottle (guessing ı boiled all the methanol and everything in that bottle is pure methanol) and it started boiling ethanol/some water (temp wasnt going up stuck at 79c) so ı took the bottle after temp's started to raise from 80c at the same amount of wood (2) after like 4-5 real life hours ı finally made him call me u ****ing chef!! It felt so good but now my eyes are bleeding after 5 hours of waiting this thing to boil.....

Pls fix. One of the best msc mods thanks for reviving it :P

btw no need to pure it more than a time.
its not bad but the mod makes my game run like potato
seppo didn't like my 80%, he said it was window cleaner lol. Another bottle to fill or a bigger bottle would be nice too. Every couple times i go to sell he will take the bottle and cough and bow till i quit and turn the mod off and on again.
This mod is great, but could you add more bottles to make it better?
At some point the moonshine was still rushing but so what if he had nowhere to go.
Laggy as hell. please fix.thank you.
love this fixed mod you are a god for fixing all these old mods
and you know the spawn locations could you give us a clue to were they are if not thanks anyway for fixing this mod
Thank you for the review. Always more than welcome.
Yeah, I originaly only wanted to share the Moonshine Still mod. I had a private working copy for more then a year and I thought it might be time to bring that mod back to the community. Zamp wasn't returning(for 2 years) no one else was picking that mod up.

Now to your question.
He spawns randomly around the waste processing plant, just look around.
I also had a spawn next to teimo but I removed it later to avoid confusion why seppo is not at his waste processing plant.

If you had your first meeting you will recieve his phone number(will be on the desk with the phone) with that you can arrange a meeting point.
Currently there are 3 options: at (Teimo's shop(at the toilet because teimo doesnt like him because he stinks^^) at the boatdock and near the waste processing gate.

I always could add more spawns/conditions if nessesary.
Was waiting for a sudden revival of a classic mod. As high quality as it first came out. I would love to see you manage a revival of the dynamite mod or the sports bag mod.
Thank you, positive feedback is always more than welcome. I will take a look later, I am currently working on a few other mod for MSC(if my cold doesnt kill me).
i lost the moonshine bottle, when i was playing with a disable mod, and now i did not find the moonshine bottle, and i have tried to reinstall this mod, but the moonshine bottle wont appear and my moonshine pan is broken what do i do now?
EDIT: Stuff below is not nessassary anymore... updated mod to allow reset in modsettings

"For your bottle: delete mscstill_bottle.xml.
And for you broken still open mscstill_still.xml with notepad (folder where your defaultES2File and your meshsave is) and change <isBroken>True</isBroken> into <isBroken>false</isBroken> reload game after changing the xml

I hope I could help. Btw its not intended to repair the Still in a normal game(if its broken it should stay broken)"
The still and wooden tub keeps getting refilled and its blowing up without any sound. Is that because some mod is complicating with it?
Gawronn it was not the mop plugin which caused your issue, you might have experienced some other issues.
nice you're a legend mate
thank you! ;) If you have any suggestions feel free to write it in discussion.
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