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Monza Historic 2.0

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Hi all!

Here is a new historic track :)

Thanks to Carrera.4 et Uwe for permissions.
Thanks to Denis for pictures
Thanks to Keith Windsor for his work on AI

And thanks to me, haha :roflmao:

Hope you will like it.
Maximum Reiza stuff inside, according to my level of skill.
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Latest reviews

Thank you. Really enjoy the track.
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Very good conversion for this track from a classic era. Nice camber changes in several corners makes for a challenge to put together a good lap. The overall quality is good and this track finds a good home in my GSCx locations folder.

Thank you for your effort!!
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Love it! Another great track. Thank you
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Woah! Stunning, you keep amazing me!
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Very nice, thank you. There are never enough Monzas. Now we need the PRE-historic track with dinosaurs and cavemen.
Patrick Giranthon
Haha, yes. Good idea! Most difficult will be to find good shots of them for textures ^^
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Thx Patrick :-)
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Great update. Thank you
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Another top-notch addition to the game. Love it.
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fantastic job Patrick, just had time for quick spin, and everything seems perfect ;)
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Patrick Giranthon
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