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Monza - DRS version (GSC V1.50 or above) 2.02

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Monza for GSCEx (based on the version 1.3 which can be found here at RD).





The little brother of Spa is coming with him hehe.

A lot of work to reach the 2015 version. I hope you will like it.

Fall version included.
DRS is working only for GSCEx V1.50 or above. N

Thanks to Luigi for the cameras
Thanks to Gringo for his work on AI and tdf
Thanks to Denis for pictures

Good stuff for the coming GT3 hehe.

Latest updates

  1. DRS correction

    Syntax fixed
  2. Big big update

    The little brother of Spa is coming with him hehe. A lot of work to reach the 2015 version. I...

Latest reviews

Great job!
My version of GSC is 1.21 the latest versions of these circuits like Barcelona, Monza or Hockenheim not work gives me crowdbil mistake does anyone know what the problem is?
Superb track with different seasons. Love it.
Perfect as always, really high quality. If I have to point out just ONE thing then I’d say that Monza needs more trees, as it is located in a park. Will that come? Nonetheless, 5 star quality!
Patrick Giranthon
Hi Fabian.
I Have used Google map to locate trees and believe me, I Have added A LOT. Just move cameras to the top and You will see them. About 4000 I suppose ;-)
High quality track that you must have. Good road feeling and uber quality graphics places this modern Monza on the top shelf. Thanks to everyone that contributed to this great track.
Fantastic ! Hats off to Patrick and the original creators of the track !
First Monza version thats not boring to me. Perfect. Love the curbs and details. Thx very much.
Like original content
Pics are looking great. Especially the night lights setup. Makes me reinstall GSCEx again.
Great job Patrick!!! Monza is one of my absolute favorite tracks and this version is awesome...I love it.
Great work Patrick. Thankyou.
Patrick Giranthon
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