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Monza (2 Seasons, DRS) 2.00

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Hello AMS sim racers,

Again another deep polishing to a great track.

Autodromo Nazionale Monza v2 for AMS

New track shaders and customized Reiza track, curb, and runoff textures.
Remapping on road,curbs, and runoff.
New groove vertex paint
New smoothed road lines, grid boxes, garage boxes.
Move the finish and sector lines to the accurate positions.
Reiza garage details added.
Mesh geometry rebuilds to improve the physics for track and curbs.
Out of place grass blades fixed.
Recompute the AIW with AMS v1.5+ standards.
Rebuild the start and pit lights to Reiza standards.
Lots of issues fixed and details added that didn't make the change log.

Special thanks and credits to Reiza for their graphics technology, garage objects, and base textures modified for use in the track surface, curbs, and runoffs.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.




AMS_2018_06_26_20_42_21_351.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_32_45_796.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_33_39_087.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_28_22_044.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_40_31_844.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_36_37_720.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_44_26_695.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_29_22_647.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_49_59_090.jpg AMS_2018_06_26_20_51_43_728.jpg


Monza v1




(Thanks to David for video)

Hi guys.

Here is Monza for AMS.
I corrected some bugs from my previous version for GSC ans added the dynamic track features.

The usual team was involded : Denis (images), Luigi (Cams) and of course Gringo (AIW / TDF) who is a great help as usual. Thanks to them.

Hope you will like it and run many races on it ;)

Extract into Gamedata/locations

Latest updates

  1. Extensive renovation, New track surface remapping, Reiza garage details

    Hello AMS sim racers, Again another deep polishing to a great track. Autodromo Nazionale Monza...
  2. Grass and temps update

    Grass and temps update
  3. Single track package of Monza for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...

Latest reviews

Nice work mate, thanks for sharing :)
Marvelous update (now, if you could only update Silverstone). Thank you for sharing.
Stunning update, the autumn version especially. Fine work Gringo.
Good job! Fantastic asphalt and all details. Thanks for shared
no need to rate, only see the modders name :P

i have move the Monza folder in Location folder but i don see in the game...why??

Nice work ( as always) :) I (we?) hope you Continue the work :)
quality content for a quality sim :)
Amazing work!!!
Thanks so much for even more polishing of these great tracks!!
Excellent Track. So much fun.
Great job.
Quality Reiza !!!...
Nice job!
Must Have!!
Amazing. Thank you.
keeps getting better. Always nice to have updates to a already very well done track. Thanks to the original creators, Patrick, Gringo and all the man hours behind this great track :)
Really nice, thank a lot.
Patrick Giranthon
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4.90 star(s) 71 ratings

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