Monsterly Energized CUP Car Mod 3.01

Stockcar/NASCAR car mod

  1. Poopenshnapples
    Available on Steam

    Version 3.01:
    - Many AI changes (AI heat rate increased, AI grip lowered on superspeedway tires)
    - Speedway step decrease (AI make wider lines)
    - And many other changes

    Version 3.0:
    - Massive Oval updates (cornering/cornering speeds/default setups)
    - Road A.I cornering caution significantly increased
    - howitzer155mm skins added!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the skins!!




    Amazing car skins!!!!

    I tried to make these cars FEEL as much like the actual NASCAR Sprint/Monster series as I possibly could.
    My mod is to make the user FEEL like they are driving a real Monster Energy/Sprint Cup car... Lap times, especially on Ovals will likely be very different from the real thing.

    850hp Cars (ISI's have 655hp)
    9900RPM Accross all engines (Preset for A.I)
    Engines are much tougher
    New audio with many tweaks over original
    Improved Physics
    New tire heating/cooling/wearing properties for tight, fast and hard racing!
    New track configuration bases for A.I
    Much More tuning options

    I never liked the Stockcar_2015 mod, so I made many changes to make it more similar to the real-life counterpart.


    1. 1.JPG
    2. 2.JPG
    3. 3.JPG
    4. 5555.JPG
    5. 44444.JPG
    6. a.JPG
    7. GRAB_007.JPG
    8. GRAB_008.JPG
    9. GRAB_009.JPG
    10. GRAB_012.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Durge Driven
    Durge Driven
    Version: 2.82
    Make less versions and space out releases

    I got tired of making new vmods after about 5 updates
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Updates are ridiculous... but necessary
      I see where you are coming from.. but the coding is extremely complex.

      Change one tiny thing only to find out it made an issue elsewhere

      Hopefully you like it now!
      Should not be more updates for a while
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