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Monaco - Dynamic Track & New Textures/Lighting x.2

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Installation instructions included for newbies..
Re-done in High Definition vs. the standard ..

All of the tracks that I have remodeled, have been enabled to be Dynamic....
This means that the tracks change Dynamically from one race season to the next season so as you finish season 1, go to season 2, you will notice that the track looks different from previous season, and so does your car.

To Enable the dynamic feature for tracks and your cars, you will need to download my upscale game update,
Please note, on the default tracks, you will most like see no changes whats so ever, on the cars you will some as the cars extra features are re-enabled by other means then the cars them self's, so car upgrades are not necessary.

please read on about this track below...

If you have a slower pc, you will not notice any change in frame rate, as a matter of fact you may get more, since the track is more fluid. Remodeled all Textures, into Much More Realistic 3 Dimensional Look and Feel with Real World Colors and Lighting...
Everything is re-done, too much too list ..

This Track Looks and Feels...

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The bottom image is the default track in the game. For comparison!!!

F1_2014  MONACO 2015 TRACK UPDATE.mp4_20150724_234324.779.jpg

F1_2014  MONACO 2015 TRACK UPDATE.mp4_20150724_234336.339.jpg

F1_2014  MONACO 2015 TRACK UPDATE.mp4_20150724_234338.075.jpg

F1_2014  MONACO 2015 TRACK UPDATE.mp4_20150724_234353.123.jpg

F1_2014  MONACO 2015 TRACK UPDATE.mp4_20150724_234413.243.jpg

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