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Monaco 2k 2019-04-11

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High detailed version, from 2k10s... no crowd!
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Latest reviews

Excellent track! thanks
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merci pour cette piste, du beau travail dommage , pas d'éclairage de nuit...peut être une future mis à jour
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Best Monaco I've gotten my hands on
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Doesn't load
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very good
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Very well made. On my side no lag issue at all. Thanks for this great track !
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The track is good, but I can't drive here without lag...
I was redirected from World Sim Series to install this mod for a challenge, and I started a practice session, but it introduced lag to the game for the first time... I have an i7 3770 and a GTX 1060 3GB with 8GB RAM, and I have never ever had lag with any car and track combination so far with my current graphics settings....
Since I installed this, lagging is cursing my gameplay once in a while, it comes and goes, but when it comes the game is unplayable...
So, I was wondering if any files from this mod were conflicting with the software and damaging my performance. I've never had this issue before I had this..
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I have one problem. With Ferrari F1 2004 (V10) I am unable to make hairpin corner. It is there any solution ? Can I make some setting on car for this corner ?
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My only problem is AI lines which they always grinds to the wall at the Casino climb, hairpin area and Nouvelle chicane....
But visual-wise, this is the best among all. Hope you can release the AI fix soon....
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Excellent work, ty!!
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Perfect. Hope in a version with spectators
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I really want this updated for the 2019 season, and would like the flag screens to work aswell, like in mugello
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Good job, but the track lacks a bit of exposure (gamma seems to be good)
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Excellent, thank you for all your hard work!
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Its exellent and it worked instantly. Thanks! :)
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great tanks you
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Well done!
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great track once you learn t1
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Great track. I don't test AI yet (it's why I only put 4 stars, for now). But this is the best Monaco track for AC. Big thanks.
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Vinicius Preu
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