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Monaco 2k 2019-04-11

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can you fix the ai pls?
The ai seems to be scraping the walls too often when they are going side by side and it causes the ai to get flung into the air when they hit the wall
bad track. Bumps around casino, in the tunnel and at the swimming pool chicane send you flying into the barrier. Needs fixing
Very good track, great job on the scale of real track. Would love to see an update where you can put your car in the garages (in the pits)
Excellent track! thanks
merci pour cette piste, du beau travail dommage , pas d'éclairage de nuit...peut être une future mis à jour
Best Monaco I've gotten my hands on
Doesn't load
very good
Very well made. On my side no lag issue at all. Thanks for this great track !
The track is good, but I can't drive here without lag...
I was redirected from World Sim Series to install this mod for a challenge, and I started a practice session, but it introduced lag to the game for the first time... I have an i7 3770 and a GTX 1060 3GB with 8GB RAM, and I have never ever had lag with any car and track combination so far with my current graphics settings....
Since I installed this, lagging is cursing my gameplay once in a while, it comes and goes, but when it comes the game is unplayable...
So, I was wondering if any files from this mod were conflicting with the software and damaging my performance. I've never had this issue before I had this..
I have one problem. With Ferrari F1 2004 (V10) I am unable to make hairpin corner. It is there any solution ? Can I make some setting on car for this corner ?
My only problem is AI lines which they always grinds to the wall at the Casino climb, hairpin area and Nouvelle chicane....
But visual-wise, this is the best among all. Hope you can release the AI fix soon....
Excellent work, ty!!
Perfect. Hope in a version with spectators
I really want this updated for the 2019 season, and would like the flag screens to work aswell, like in mugello
Good job, but the track lacks a bit of exposure (gamma seems to be good)
Excellent, thank you for all your hard work!
Its exellent and it worked instantly. Thanks! :)
great tanks you

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Vinicius Preu
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