mod 2014 ( CTF files ) 1.3

Values changed of ctf files following 2014 Fia regulations.

  1. doberjam
    Backup your files and folders:

    1) C:\...\ F1 2012\cars\xx.cff - C:\...\ F1 2012\cars\xx\ balanced - C:\...\ F1 2012\cars\xx\ track

    2) Set <drsSpeedBoost float="1.5" /> ai_handling_config to "2.1" DRS 2014

    3) I play setting <corneringAccelerationCoefficent float="0.7" />

    4) In ai_driver_config.xml set <dfMinDraftSeperation float="1.5" />

    DATABASE: The ctf files has a NO-Kers, I set in database f1teams row – enfine_power column:

    mc: me: wi: fc: 800

    fe: sa: ma: 780

    rb: lo: tr: ca: 760

    In engine_manufacturer:

    Mercedes-Benz: 800

    Ferrari: 780

    Renault: 760

    In track_model row – fuel_tank column set : 150

    In compressed folder you will find an excel file track fuel distance.xlsx, select rows, copy and paste in database. Datas are get from Renault motor site that has calculated consuption fuel for all tracks.

    Values changed of ctf files following 2014 Fia regulations.

    Aerodynamics: New front and rear Wings: Drag coefficients, Lift, Pressure, Resistence of body, Centre of motion, Downforce pressure point.

    Cluch: In 2013 clutch engagement was 60 milliseconds, in 2014 40 milliseconds.

    Brakes: changes make an effect like brake-by-ware. I changed brake torque, pressure.

    Cambers: the FIA has regulated the maximum camber angle for the teams; 4.0 and 2.5 for the front wheels to the rear. also apply these rules in 2014.

    Engine: Changes for turbo v6: friction, heat, inertia, mass, wear.

    Fuel: bsfc, lhv, mass, optimal revs – torque, scale fast.

    Gear: 8 gearsvalues for all teams from graphis by ing. Bollini for Motorsport MET ( and converted with

    Grip: front and rear : 1,05 and 1,15

    Mass: from 688 ( light chassis Force India and Sauber ) to 692

    Suspensions: new values for Ferrari and Caterham ( Pull Rod in front and rear suspensions). The others teams have Push road for front and Pull rod for rear.

    Tires. In 2014 tires are heavier then 2013 ( 900gr ) so, I changedinertia.

    Please, write what you thing about the feeling with this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. majsak
    Version: 1.3
    what must i do when i don't want 8 gears?
  2. Ben Boulle
    Ben Boulle
    Version: 1.3
    Great, but do the ai have kers?
    1. doberjam
      Author's Response
      without kers
  3. Kartik Sri Harsha
    Kartik Sri Harsha
    Version: 1.1
    Great Work buddy :D
  4. Rudy Pessotto
    Rudy Pessotto
    Version: 1
    wonderfull work men.
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