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Mod 1987 Part 1 1.0


  1. alex.gori79
    ca2--Tyrrell PIAA-Cosworth
    lr2--Camel Lotus-Honda
    ma2-Leython House March-Judd
    mc2-Ligier Loto-Honda
    me2-MClaren Marlboro-Honda
    sa2-Arrows Megatron-BMW
    tr2--Minardi Fondamental-Cosworth
    wi2-Canon Williams-Honda
    Scegliere quale generics applicare(gomme Good Years-Pirelli-Bridgstone-Firestone) cancellando ad es _c4 e sostituendolo a generics.

Recent Reviews

  1. YeBossKiller
    Version: 1.0
    Comunica in inglese! Dai puoi farcela!
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