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Mo I Rana 1.1

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uploaded to RD from our game server for club racing feel free to use,
this is not my track, please contact the author for any changes.

MoiRana V1.1

The original F1-2002 track was build by Tommy Rustad, declared as Beta and opend for anyone to finish.
Gmilno fixed the open issues and released it for GTR.

my biggest RESPECT for their kind efforts.

This version based on the GTR version of by Gmilno.
Pls. notice his original GTR readme incl. in this archive.

The GTL conversion and the LOD&TrackIcon were done by Dumeklemmer with the permission of Gmilno.


- Tommy Rustad for his original F1-2002 version

- Gmilno for his GTR version.

- MR_DutchDevil for reviewing & improving the conversion

- CY-33 for the Norway-Map in the LOD

- My girlfriend for her patience and understanding.


starting lights


- none


V1.0 - 2006-12-15 - initial release

V1.01 - 2006-12-16 - fixed missing shadows on curbs, added TV-cams

V1.1 - 2006-12-16 - MR_DutchDevil fixed the night behavior of the object and did aditional improvments

have a lot of fun with this nice track,