Mission Raceway Park

Mission Raceway Park 1.2

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Fire Map , would be nice to see a version for the front and back drift tracks
piste interessante. L'IA des pits est cassée ou mauvaise : elles ne sortent pas ou rentrent dans les barriéres
I love driving this track, really feels like I'm there. Only problem is that the track map for me is really really off. Don't know how to fix it.
6 years later and still nice! :)
Great track. Lots of fun to drive and surprisingly challenging.
good mod i wish the tire wall around turn 7-9 would be deleted so i can run the drifting lay out that has been recently implemented in real life
Nice track, great to have the chance to drive my local circuit.
Sweet track, reminds me (loosely) of Pacific Raceways.
Glad to see everyone's enjoying it!!! It was a bitch to create, LOL!
Excellent track! Keep the good work!
Great track
Very fun to drive, great looking track, thanks for sharing your work with us, please fix the track map
Love this track!
Nice track!
Very nice replica of course just saw footage on you tube of real track and this looks very much alike
Great work , thanks
Love this Local Backyard Course Many thanks to everyone for making this one and porting it :D