MINI COOPER JCW Uk Challenge (F56)

MINI COOPER JCW Uk Challenge (F56) 1.1

No permission to download
I love this mod. I just cant find anything i dislike about it. It feels like it was made by the devs.
Will there be lights, so I can ride at night?
Muy bueno, agradable de conducir
Great little car to drive. High detail and the sound is awesome. Thank you for the very enjoyable mod.
Looks awesome, sounds and drives absolutely great.
Top Mod!!
Nice little car. Can we also have manuall h shifter? I do not think that sequential gearbox is such realistic. Also headlights do not work in night conditions..
Probably my favorite mod in AC right now, I can't get over how good this car feels!!
What a wonderful car! One of the top mods ever. Outstanding work, thank you very much!
Muchas Gracias
Excellent job!!
Awesome physic and FFB! Thank you. Racing those around Sugo is a reminder of how great AC can feel and how we are eternally grateful to modder like you for making AC such an amazing SIM experience.,
Nice work, thanks dude!!!!!
Top notch - I like the car very much. Anything left to say? It is not a real issue, but for my personal taste the lateral grip level seems a bit to high. It is very difficult to make the back say hello.
Fantastic car !!
thank you!
And as The Beach Boys said: Fun, Fun, Fun.
Finally, some time to try this nice little animal. What to say... oh boy, you did it again! MI-TI-CO!
Amazing mate, and glad I could help !!!

10 Stars
Amazing update!
great mod, bravo Pessio
Phenomenal stuff. Racing in a huge pack of these in VR with motion, using proper sequential stick shifting, with all those lovely liveries... it doesn't get much better than this. Thank you very indeed sir.
Pessio outdoes himself.
Love this mod, drives great. Thanks a lot for making it.
Amazing car!
So much fun. Excellent mod in VR.
Really good car... deliver what promises
good job:)