MINI COOPER JCW Uk Challenge (F56)

MINI COOPER JCW Uk Challenge (F56) 1.01 Limited

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You want it, you got it!
My latest work, build specifically for online racing and leagues.
The upper tier in Uk Mini Challenge, Mini JCW class is a small but dangerous beast, up to 275 hp in a so short wheelbase, you'll be always on the edge!
Physics speaking, it's a mix of rea/guess data and work with real drivers.

Still without any real or fictional skin, only one for skinning purposes

Special thanks to:
@luathas as usual, lot of work on NM and details and some sound.
Salvo Patinella for the idea and severe testing.
Gabriele Torelli, real Mini challenge driver, for info and lot of testing.
James Gornall, real Mini UK challenge driver, and 2019 season winner, for all setup possibilites and rules.

V. 1.01
Made some materials lighter, new hi-poly mirrors.

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Really good car... deliver what promises
good job:)
Terrific fun and a pleasure to drive. Thanks for adding smoothing to the wing mirrors, too - they look great now.
A whole barrel load of fun.
Once again a great mini jcw, imho the best for AC.
A must have top quality mod. Can't wait to start making skins.
As good as it gets, Thank you.
Very nice, thank you.
Superb, will use it for sure in an event here at RD ..many thanks
Welcome back!
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