Mini 4WD Japan Cup Junior Circuit - Complex Beta 1.03

Real Scale Mini 4WD Circuit, Need Side Rollers if you can, Fantasy , Toy Tracks.

  1. TCS_disable
    Designed for Fun.
    Designed for proof my Childhood Memories.
    Designed for understand Gmotor2 Engine.

    Mini 4WD is 1:32 scale Tamiya's Battery powered 4WD model cars from Japan. Early 90's have a another product line called "Mini-F1"


    This mod is reference to actual Mini 4WD Circuit component.
    Featured "Mobius Changer" from "Hyper Dash Circuit 2015"

    Mobius Changer :

    Since the design issues, width of road only 3.3m .
    Time Trial is OK but overtaken action is not recommended.

    Real Mini 4wd would fast enough because deal with side rollers, but this not apply to real cars. Means required accurate driving skills.

    (Maybe remove the wall later if I'm free.)

    Infrared Red Lap Timer :

    Follow always seem in Real Mini 4WD Action!

    Important : Some AI would possible crush the game by physics! Because Vehicle shape and AI aggressive movement let the vehicle crush the side wall and possible bounding like a hell. (Due to complex course design and Physics Engine issues.)

    GRAB_111.JPG GRAB_112.JPG

    Since the track purpose for amuse myself, maybe have a lot of bug.
    I will fix em up ASAP.

    BMW F1 AI Full Run :

    WEC AI Chaos Demo (But close to real Mini 4WD Action) :


    1. GRAB_093.JPG
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