Mills Metropark

Mills Metropark 1.2

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Mills Metropark
Scratch made by Giuseppe Bernardi (aka Rigel)

1.2 Changelog:
- massive textures and shaders improvements
- included norbs cameras
- slightly increased overall grip
- added a couple of bumps to the physical mesh
- fixed concrete surfaces making kerb sounds
- added a DRS zone to long layout
- fixed shiny crowd
- fixed pit lane entry
- fixed AI fuel estimation
- added reverb zones under the bridges

Thanks to:
- @LilSki
- GalinaV from DeviantArt for her trees
- for their textures

Official Assetto Corsa forum thread

How to install:
Extract the "mills" folder in Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks, or wherever your AC folder is located.
Delete the old version.

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  1. Mills Metropark 1.2

    Changelog: - massive textures and shaders improvements - included norbs cameras - slightly...
  2. 1.1

    1.1 Changelog: - New landscape - New AI - Camera-facing spectators - Slideshow cameras before...

Latest reviews

i love this track. but, i can't get it to start with CM Shaders
This track has so many memories for me...
In 2006 I re-discovered simracing with rFactor and GTR2, and I spend so many hours in this location :)
My favorite. Great!!!!
Fantastik rewind to rFactor great track. My problem is Mills Long cant start, in practic mode, from pits or start line. tryed to redownload, no lucky. tried many cars, all the same. Some suggestion?
Try deleting the camera_facing.ini file in the data folder of the long layout. And please use the support tab for bugs reporting
Great track.. but AI gets hung/stuck on grid using the "Short" track.
I'm not having that problem. Could you give me more details in the support section please?
imola 1994 rfactor 1 for aseetto corsa f1 sr
thank you.
Nice work. Thanks.
fresh, one of the best rf2 track !
thanks ;)
The sound of the car's on the track is awesome!
Oh so many memories here!
This is one of the very few mod tracks for AC that are truly Kunos quality in almost every aspect. It is really a shame that I have to give it 4 stars instead of 5 but the pitboxes are inexplicabily perpendicular to the pitlane, so it is actually almost impossible to do a proper pit stop in this beautifully made track.
Thanks for the heads up. If I recall correctly it wasn't possible to fit all 24 spots if lined up parallel to the road, but I'll check that again!
Love this track since rFactor came out, and now it's even better!
I had this track for a long time but never give it right attention to learn it and drive it more untill last night.Love it!great track and work for me one of best mod track (with Poznan,Donington...).
Beautifully made track. I just had a go with the Porsche 962C Long Tail. That was good fun. Excellent work.
This is absolutely deserving of 5 start . I wasnt going to get this as ive got it in rFactor 2 and while i liked it , it wasnt nearly my favorite but now ive come back to AC i decided to give this a go and , well fcuk me its brilliant ! Thank you .Keep em coming .
Great stuff, looks really good now, grass and trees look better than official ones I think, thanks
One of the best tracks out there. The detail and quality are outstanding. And both layouts of this track are really great. A fictional track that feels like it should be real.
Super track! Feels real and looks awesome. Maybe a new AI line could be something. I beat AI on 100% and i usually cant beat them. :)
Yeah, I tried recording a new line but they ended up slower every time, so I basically gave up lol
Great track
Excellent track. I like the layout a lot. Didn't know about this before the update.
Road feel is great, optically it's also very nice. Rigel is one who whatever he touches turns into something nice.
Road looks alive, mountains and track surroundings beautiful.
One sloppy first lap
Just excellent. Wow. What a track. It feels good with the M235/Cayman GT4, smaller less powerful racers, but also the 488GTB streetcar likes it and even the Moby Dick with shorter gearing doesn't feel out of place.911RSR is heaven overthere. Also a very good track to test suspension and (lift)under/oversteer behaviour of the cars etc.
Is Mills a real world track? Thanks so much! Cheers Robin
Hi Robin, thanks for your review!
As far as I know Mills is a fictional track, first seen in rFactor.
Great. I used the fact that it has just been updated to actually try it out for the first time. I am impressed. For me a great track has to have fast tricky corners and overall not be too long. I would see this is relatively easy to learn and quite a short lap.

Overall great fun I only did a couple of laps with UnitedRacingDesign's BMW from their DTM pack which You can view here:
Really nice! Thanks
thanks , very nice track
Exelent track! But I will stay on version 1.1. Why? I will write in the "Support" tab.
Very good circuit
Beautiful track, many thanks!
I really like this track and I have the 1.1 version but it seems there is a problem in the zip file of the new 1.2 version.
It fails to unzip the bbgrass.kn5. can you upload it again?
thanks for your job!
Hi Teddy, please check the support tab :)
Awesome!!! Great job, 2 cameras good enough to enjoy the reps. Thank you!!!
ohh men the memories it all startes with this track TY jajaja
Awesome update , congr. and cheers , thanks for sharing !
thanks o lot, a must have !