Miller Motorsports Park by Beau Buisson 1.20

Miller Motorsports Park by Beau Buisson

  1. Yves Larose
    Miller Motorsports Park v1.2

    This is the first non-beta release of this track. Thank you to Ken H for all his work getting this finished (and converted to GTR2 also).

    Other thanks to:
    Thanks to Luigi for the excellent camera files for both layouts..
    Thanks to Matt, (Colvin) for use of his alms teams truck textures
    thanks to the Gupster, who provided lots of photos, especially for the new Skyboxi, it made it possible to capture more of being there:)

    Two track layouts are available at this time. Outer Loop (ALMS style) & the Full Track (Grand Am style).
    1206-MillerMP-7358.jpg 1206-MillerMP-7358.jpg 04-Mar-08-rFactorCentral-0650_Miller_loading.jpg Outside_loading.jpg


    1. 19-Jan-08-rCentral-5269_attitudes.jpg
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