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Midfield Raceway 60s 2.0

Midfield Raceway 60s 2.0 2017-12-19

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Midfield Raceway 60's converted to AMS from rfactor created by me. This is a pretty good track for the amount of time ive spent on it and if you enjoy Midfield from the Gran Turismo games then you will love this. There is also a snow version included.

I also plan to upload Special Stage Route 5 for rfactor and also convert it for AMS.

Another i plan to upload soon is Plymouth the moors point to point track which is a remake of a road near me. Its got a bit of everything. Including AI which stick in lane and turn around at the end. Press Control+T to speed up AI and then have a experience of driving on a real road. (Same speed up for AMS?)

Thanks, crxdriver63.
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Latest reviews

Firstly, thanks! Great to be able to drive on this track again.

My feedback:
1. There seems to be some sort of clipping glitch at the earlier part of the first tunnel (the right hander);
2. The track limits through the final tunnel corner are quite strict - it's not really possible to cut through a concrete wall, yet even just riding the curb through the corner invalidates a lap;
3. The AI through the final tunnel corner are very slow, impeding their straight line speed onto the following straight.

Get's five stars once these are dealt with, and maybe chuck in some pit boxes too but otherwise, great fun to drive apart from these little niggles.
Great stuff, thx for your hard work.
Incredible job on the old track. Done that many years ago. Some great slide ways corrections in some corners. Drove the MR 18 Dart. Won the race. Thanks
I could not find the track in game, until I read that it is placed under "Grand Turismo" (a little confusing). But all in all, a fun track. Thank you fro sharing.
I remember this track! Great work! I really like da slippy snow. It is very slippy :)
Thanks very much. Its always good to have a thanks for the many hours spent making a track.
silly can not reply unless rate track, installed track and shows in location folder, but cannot find track when in AMS.
Try all cars and tracks mate. That should work.
5-star for the snow!
Thanks. Its just a bit of fun the snow really. Didnt take as much time to change textures and grip.
Is there any reason modders leave the rFactor lines in GDBs ?

I have made GDB mods by country

Try all cars and tracks. I always leave mine on all cars and tracks as then i can use any car on any track.
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