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Midfield Raceway 60s 2.0 2017-12-11

Midfield Raceway from The Gran Turismo series remake.

  1. crxdriver63

    Midfield Raceway 60's for rfactor created by me. This is a pretty good track for the amount of time ive spent on it and if you enjoy Midfield from the Gran Turismo games then you will love this. There is also a snow version included.

    I have also made Special Stage Route 5. I will be uploading shortly.

    Another is Plymouth the moors point to point track which is a remake of a road near me. Its got a bit of everything. Including AI which stick in lane and turn around at the end. Press Control+T to speed up AI and then have a experience of driving on a real road.

    Thanks, crxdriver63.


    1. Midfield_loading.jpg
    2. mid1.jpg
    3. mid2.jpg
    4. mid3.jpg
    5. mid4.jpg
    6. mid5.jpg
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