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Michelin 2016 MotoGP Tyres Mod 1.0

Michelin Tyres for MotoGP as in 2016 season

  1. irfanzaidi
    Michelin 2016 tyres mod for MotoGP category as in 2016 season. ENJOY !:thumbsup:

    Any suggestions or requests, leave in comment.

    Installation instructions:
    1. Use mixfile remixer to extract GFX.MIX, they are found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\MotoGP15 if using Steam, if not it will look something like this C:\Program Files\Milestone\MotoGP15

    2. Download the mod files and extract them.

    3. Copy and paste the downloaded files into the extracted GFX.MIX folders. (Instructions in readme)

    5. Repack the extracted folders back into MIX files (make sure to set the format to SBK-X/V8) and save them back into ….\common\MotoGP15 (make sure to back up your MIX files before replacing them).

    6. Done;)

    MotoGP15X64 2016-02-20 19-22-41-19.jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-02-20 19-26-05-83.jpg MotoGP15X64 2016-02-20 19-26-17-55.jpg

    Thank you. Hope you guys like it :)

    *sorry if it's bad, do try to make the mod better if you guys could! It would be great*