Michael Schumacher 2004 Helmet with Driver Suit 2017-09-06

Classic Helmet

  1. Marnesvs
    This is a re-upload of my Michael Schumacher 2004 helmet but I have included the driver suit too :thumbsup:

    In order to see the suit in game you need to use Ego ERP Archiver to replace the 2004-ferrari_livery_d.tga file in F1 2017/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/incardriver/1980/incardriver.erp

    If you want to see the gloves you need to replace the file career_ferrari_helmet_d.tga in F1 2017/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/incardriver/1980/incardriver.erp and your helmet file that you decided to use for example: com_06_helmet_d.tga

    The tricky part is finding the correct career_ferrai_helmet_d.tga file to replace because there are four of them you need to replace the third one from the top. I hope this makes sense:O_o:

    And please as is the usual PLEASE BACKUP ALL YOUR FILES!!!

    Suit 2004 Preview.jpg Explain.png
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