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Miata 1.9 jtd 194hp (MODIFIED FILES ONLY) 0.2

miata with 1.9 jtd fictional swap and chiptuned at 200hp

  1. romain delombaert
    installation: name a folder ks_mazda_miata_diesel and put the rare file folder in this one once you have copy all the folder of the original car
    1 creates a folder on behalf of ks_mazda_miata_diesel
    Copy all the files from ks_mazda_miata
    3 insert the archive files in the folder ks_mazda_miata_diesel
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Recent Reviews

  1. Manuel Staedel
    Manuel Staedel
    Version: 0.2
    No diesel sound
    1. romain delombaert
      Author's Response
      I know and I do not yet have the skills to make one. I'm training to have some who would be in an updated future
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