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MHAPro Map 1.3

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MHAPro Map for ATS
- This map is an addon
- It makes changes to the default map

• MHAPro ATS 1.2: Compatible with ATS v1.1.x Steam and higher
• MHAPro ATS 1.3: Compatible with ATS v1.2.x Steam and higher

• Version 1.2:
  1. New company McDonalds in game MOD
  2. New company Burger King in game MOD
  3. New company Rcic in game MOD
  4. New company MHA_constr in game MOD
  5. City EUREKA (company McDonalds, Rcic)
  6. New gas stations on highway 5
  7. New cross on highway 5
  8. New city look Eureka
  9. Redesigned road 299 with new parking places
  10. Redesigned highway 5 with new parking places
  11. New look city Redding
  12. Redesigned road 395 with new parking places and gas stations
  13. New sign for "right turn when is red light on semaphore"
  14. New company MHA_Service in game MOD
  15. New city look Reno
  16. City Reno (company King Burger, MHA Service)
  17. New big gas station on highway 80 from Reno to Winnemucca
  18. Redesigned highway 80 Reno - Winnemucca
  19. New border village McDermitt (Nevada) (company MHA service, MHA_constr)
  20. Redesigned road 95 from Winnemucca to Oregon border where is city McDermitt
  21. Redesigned city Winnemucca (Nevada)
  22. New city (village) Battle Mountain (Nevada) (ompany Rcic, Roadwork MHA)
  23. New company Roadwork MHA in game MOD
  24. New cross on highway from San Rafael to Stockton (CA)
  25. New cross on highway 15 near Barstow to Bakersield (CA)
  26. New small city Wells (Nevada) (ompany MHA Service, Wal_Food_mkt, Gal_oil_gst)
  27. Redesigned city Jackpot (company MHA_constr)
  28. Redesigned road 93 from North Nevada (city Wells) to Ely
  29. Fixed many small mistakes and bugs from vanilla game
  30. Road mark for hw 80
  31. Road mark for hw 580
  32. Road mark for hw 5
  33. 6 redesigned signs from SCS
  34. Parking places on weight stations and on other places, companies
• Version 1.3:
  1. New models in game MOD
  2. New city McGill (Nevada) (company MHA_constr, re_train)
  3. New company IKEA in ATS
  4. A lot of new truck and car models (in cities, on weight places, on gas stations, on other parking places)
  5. New signs model in mod arrows
  6. Redesigned city Ely (company Burger King)
  7. Redesigned highway 80 from cross with hw 5 to Reno
  8. Redesigned small city Truckee (CA)
  9. Redesigned Carson city (company MHA roadwork)
  10. New AT parking truck place model from old game
  11. New AT pole parking place from old game
  12. New small place – Topaz Lake (company gal_oil_gst)
  13. Redesigned road 395 between Carson city and Topanah (NV)
  14. Redesigned Sacramento (CA) (company MHA servis, IKEA)
  15. Redesigned road 37 from highway to San Rafael
  16. Redesigned highway 580 from Reno to Carson Ciy (CA) (new gas station on highway)
  17. City El Centro (company MHA Servis, MHA constr)
  18. Redesigned road 50 from Carson city to Ely (new gas station, parking place, service place)
  19. Redesigned road 95 from road 50 (north) to Tonopah (new gas station, parking place, service place)
  20. New company Petrol
  21. New small city Coachella (company Burger King, Petrol)
  22. Redisegned road 58 from Oxnard (CA) with new gas station to Bakersfield (CA)
  23. City Oxnard (company MHA Service)
  24. City Bakersfield (company MHA contr, Roadwork)
  25. Redesigned road 395 from Bakersfield (CA) to Topanah (NV) with new gas stations
  26. Fixed many small things in game MOD
  27. If you will see small thiny lines in map, that is from truck models on parkings
  28. Replaced World of Trucks sign to HOLLYWOOD in LA

Credits: Heavy Alex
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  1. Version 1.3

    MHAPro ATS 1.3 - Compatible with ATS v1.2.x Steam and higher Credits: Heavy Alex

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