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MGP BML File Editor 2.5.3b

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Coloured the differents bezier curves of the spline;
Added switch to view the legend;
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Added F3 for quick search (for the last word searched)
Corrected some bugs
Corrected some bugs;

Forgot to mention: a huge thanks to @kikooOOoo, without his tutorial i was never be able to understand those beziers numbers! :roflmao:
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- Expand and Collapse all, now are for the selected item on treeview;


- Spline editor: in SPLINELAYER.BML file, right click in the object "Actor { Curves }", there will be a Edit Spline option. Click on it and the splines will show up;

Click at the spots to edit their values. Ctrl+Scroll Up to zoom in, Ctrl+Scroll Down to zoom out.


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Fixed bugs:

- Properties of main variables are not showing;
- Auto calculation of ID/Key/Class of variable improved;


- File name and route in the window header;
- Changed the font of the tree and properties (more easy distinguish dots and commas);
- Buttons to expand and collapse all items;
- Improved the request of user @kikooOOoo. Now, besides of exports, it can also import. Just keep the format of the exported file.
- Added simple request of user @kikooOOoo . To extract the bezier parts in a forma that Solid Works can read.
Added readme file
Added search window (CTRL+F or Misc > Search);
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Added some bug fixes
Added the capability to reorder the entities;
- Added copy and paste between files
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