Meta-Normal Post Processing Filter w-Video Demo

Meta-Normal Post Processing Filter w-Video Demo 2.5+

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Changed some bloom and sharpness on sweetfx filter and took my old LCD screen to the tune up shop and tuned for full spectrum viewing at cost of glowing screen, and named the slightly adjusted filter LCD Revival.
The REAL Meta-Normalized 2.5fx.... Sorry haha <:)O)
Lighter files(Left old zip inside of new zip haha) and Minor Sweetfx settings change, helped with too much bloom and color sat and misty sharpness
Slowly figuring this stuff out on my off time and taking hints from other guys from other forums. Changed some stuff and yada yada, sweetfx is a task on its own.
Hey guys in my spare time ive started new post process filter to normalize the effects and lighting of the game to give an all around presence to it. Since i like running my monitor at usual settings i decided to give it a shot. Hope this helps :)!!!
(2.22 added a little more of a glam wow factor to lighting for people who said it was too normal and implemented a sweetfx filter to ad more pop if you desire)

*remember to level out your monitor settings, for example i run mine at:

contrast 55/100
color 44/100
brightness 46/100

So that my loading screen is illuminated black, not washed out grey. *

1. Of course to install simply extract Post Process Filter to: C:mydocuments/assettocorsa/cfg/filters
and then select Normalized Filter from PPE Menu while in game

2. To Install Sweet FX files left over in the zip file, extract them to your Assetto Corsa MainFolder: X:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa
Then use Scroll Lock to Toggle SweetFX filter.

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