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Merika (Oval) 0.6

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0.6: changed persistence of textures
added AI
added basic in-field pit stalls
changed track surface (found the previous one too smooth, please give feedback)
grand stands aren't floating anymore.
0.5: Added cameras
Added basic rubber mid-turn
Added t1-2 and t3-4 Grand stands (not-finished)
Made multiplayer work by starting to count from 0 with pit spawns and added start spawn number 1
New catch fence textures
Added commitment-cone and line
0.4 - Added non-working flag lights
- Updated pit and apron textures
- Added wall paint
- Added 1 working camera (in T4). Will work on this more for the next update

I am working on AI lines and such while also working on track side objects. I've got someone to help me on the objects (he did the lights).

Help on the AI and cameras would be great (PM me if you want to help).


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0.1 - first drivable release
0.2 - updated racing surface
0.3 - updated track grip
- updated oval track texture
- added a few objects
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