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Merika (Oval) 0.6

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I highely suggest using the broadspeed jaguar on this oval. It's the closest to a nascar that is modded in at this point.

First drivable version of my first project. It's very basic and a lot will be added along the road.

Feedback about the racing surface and other things highly appreciated. I want to improve my work and track building skill.


Latest updates

  1. Merika (Oval)

    0.6: changed persistence of textures added AI added basic in-field pit stalls changed track...
  2. Merika (Oval)

    0.5: Added cameras Added basic rubber mid-turn Added t1-2 and t3-4 Grand stands (not-finished)...
  3. Merika speedway

    0.4 - Added non-working flag lights - Updated pit and apron textures - Added wall paint - Added...

Latest reviews

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Love it! Reminds me of a hybrid of NASCAR's Dover and Pocano raceway. Dover's length and Pocano's low banking in the turns. I hit this track every day!
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You've forgotten to put a grip value for the Tarmac mate, right now it must be 1.0, AC recommended between 0.97 and 0.99. Makes a huge difference in car's behavior.
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Murica International Speedway! Great to see an oval in the game. Thanks a lot!
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You're on the right track. No 5 stars yet, but certainly not bad start. Oval fans will appreciate this :-)
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Remco Majoor
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