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Mercedes W10 1.0

Mercedes W10 for F1 2015

  1. ItzzAdr14n
    Hello everyone again!
    Here's my W10 mod for F1 2015. Stock standard Mercedes chassis, with issues.
    Issues include:
    Qualcomm & AMG logos mirrored
    Petronas logo is not white on rear wing
    No Petronas Syntium logo on front wing
    No line that continues from the sidepod on the side of the car
    No black rear wing
    Missing black and stars due to complicated mapping

    There are numbers for Valtteri and Lewis and I've put in the red star for Niki.
    Hope you all enjoy! Red Bull out next.


    1. merc.PNG

Recent Reviews

  1. patrikss
    Version: 1.0
    How to put this into game? Or in which folder?
    1. ItzzAdr14n
      Author's Response
      Just take a look at the F1 2015 modding questions thread. But you will need EGO ERP to use this.
  2. queen12345
    Version: 1.0
    nice !
    1. ItzzAdr14n
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate!
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