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Mercedes W08 1.0

Mercede's 2017 livery, featuring the new blue Bottas number

  1. KeisariKine
    A fairly simple mod for the livery, also featuring the newly unveiled style of number for Bottas.
    Both Hamilton and Bottas helmets included were made by @Marco17_ok but this is (obviously) compatible with any other helmets as well. (Helmets included in pictures aren't the same as in the mod)

    I have also included other textures for changes such as glove logos and the mercedes race suit logos edited to feature Bottas, these files were by me but inspired by @Alex35zombi

    There is no quick install version for this mod as of now, that may be included in a future version if I update the mod. So you HAVE TO USE THE EGO ERP ARCHIVER TO INSTALL
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Recent Reviews

  1. Marco17_ok
    Version: 1.0
    Very Good!