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Mercedes W07 by Dovi Design 1.1

Mercedes W07 Dovi Design

  1. Dovi design
    Hi guys, sorry for the late release but well, now, I have released the Mercedes W07. Done in HD resolution (4096x4096)
    Have fun :)
    Thanks to realitychecked for the logos and Wilmer Chavez for the 3D model.
    Have fun :thumbsup:
    For steering wheel, you can check @ClimaxF1 or @Robert Kezer , both of them made awesome steering wheels :D
    W07.46.jpg W07.45.jpg W07.44.jpg W07.43.jpg W07.48.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. NeffO76
    Version: 1.0
    Looks very accurate. Excellent stuff. I will test it later. Now it comes something big from me.
    1. Dovi design
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D