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Mercedes SLS RAL-Colourpack (8 basic skins) 1.0

A basic skinpack for the SLS AMG

  1. GTAce
    RALPack_Preview.jpg A simple skinpack I quickly made for the SLS.
    These are all basic RAL code colours, nothing too special, but they give you and the AI more choice! :)
    For the rest, please consult the ReadMe file.

    By the way, I know the preview pictures don't have the highest quality, but I think they serve their purpose.

    Mercedes AMG SLS RAL-Colourpack for Assetto Corsa by GTAce v1.0

    Don't alter and/or upload these files without my permission.

    To Install, simply drop the contained folders into X:\Steam\SteamApps\Common\assettocorsa\content\cars\mercedes_sls\skins

    I'm not responsible for any issues you encounter after installing these files. Everything was tested.
    All names are fictional, any similarities with living or dead persons are unintentional.
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