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Mercedes SLS GT3 - MRL - KÄRCHER motorsport - Tobias L. | #189

Mercedes SLS GT3 - MRL - KÄRCHER motorsport - Tobias L. | #189 2019-03-22

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This car has been driving by Tobias L.. in the german racing league "MRL". It is one of the two cars of the KÄRCHER motorsport team. This is the updated version of the livery, after the car could not be spotted as easily as intended. The yellow has been replaced by a more aggressive and vibrant color. The red accents coming from the auto motor sport logo are more saturated and vibrant, too. The grey parts of the car have been repalced by black for a stronger contrast. In addition to that a texture layer has been added. Some parts of this layer is made in matte, the other part is glossy, making the car interesting to look at at different levels of light. Speaking of light, the head- and brakelights have been updated aswell.The rims and the rearwing have been recoloured, too.

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Nicely presented with a lot of attention to detail, thanks for sharing
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