Mercedes AMG GT3 Sound Mod

Mercedes AMG GT3 Sound Mod 0.8

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Amazing job and amazing sound. As always from you.
great sound mod, great suspension chassis flex sounds, I replaced Fonsecker. The sounds are a bit too muffled but when wearing a helmet it might sound like that.
Hi, thanks for the feedback

I was quite surprised at how muffled the engine sounded in the pov camera footage, while at the same time the suspension and bodywork sounded crisp and clear.

So I thought that this is probably what the car really sounds like, so I stuck with it
The onboard engine note has good depth but it sounds muffled. Maybe you need a better reference sample. Hope you can fix this in a new update!
Hi, thanks for your feedback

I thought the same thing as you when I started listening to pov onboards of this car. I have listened to lots and lots of onboard pov style clips and concluded that in reality the car actually does sound muffled. I noticed that when the car goes over bumps and kerbs, all those sounds are crisp and clear. Even the sounds of other cars are crisp and clear. So I gathered that that's just how this car really sounds from the inside. Some examples below
so good.
Same sentiment here as my review of your R8 sound mod. This is also fantastic, captures that rumbling V8 well and the rattles really add a little extra wow factor to it.
*-I just wish someone hard warned me of how good this mod is. I use 7.1 headphones and it darn near blew what brains I have out of my head. Awesome mod and so much more realistic. Now I've got to get all your other ones. Great work thanks
Thanks for your reviews!

This one is a little more bassy than the rest haha

488 GT3 is almost done but it's a little underwhelming tbh. Can't polish something which is horrible to begin with haha
wow wow wow nice brutal
Awesome! Great job!
Very nice. I like the rattling in the background! More of this please
lindo lindo
Thanks a lot. Any chance for a good sound for BMW M8?
I feel a wonderful and vital life force from this sound. Thank you!
very nice indeed, thank you.
Funcionou, ficou muito bem feito!
OMG! Brilliant. Thanks a lot bro.
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