Melkus MT77

Melkus MT77 1.2

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I love it, it works perfectly in VR. Thanks!
Car with which i won my first championship.
Great mod but kinda unusuable in VR, the camera is located right in the drivers head.
Great looking and driving car. I love Formula Easter mods for Assetto Corsa.
fun to drive, but need to work on interior a bit more.
Im from the GDR (sounds strange in english instead of DDR) and i must say its well made, wow! Thank you very much.
Beautiful car. The large variety of skins is greatly appreciated. They are very aesthetically pleasing, which is quite rare for single seaters of this era. The car itself was more challenging to drive than I expected, the rear can get quite lively on corner exit despite the lack of power.

For anyone wondering, it sat somewhere between a 1962 and a 1967 Grand Prix car laptime wise during my test.
Interesting car, but is it supposed to have this much of grip? The car feels glued to the ground.
Good works thanks
The mod looks awesome but i have gone full retard and do not know where to put all the folders sorry for being dumb but someone please help
Great Mod!
What are the other cars/mods shown in those screenshots?
It's another Formula Easter cars from me. All one are here, on RaceDepartment.
Great little car. So much fun to drive. Maybe for 1.0 the interior could be improved (rounder steering wheel, gauges a bit more real)
Wow this car is shown in a museum int the neighbor city where i Live. Never Imagine to have this car In AC.
I'm building my museum! ))
great, now only promot missing (i think)
Promot's cars and RAF and more, more, more...