Melbourne Grand Prix CircuitBy EuroRacers 1.00

Melbourne Grand Prix CircuitBy EuroRacers

  1. Yves Larose
    I spent an insane amount of time on the smallest details, joining vertexes and fixing geometry problems.

    The obvious changes are the gravel, pitlane and advertising - but there is a lot more going on than it appears.

    FPS has been improved considerably for all.

    - RFE Plugin Support
    -- Random Weather Variables

    - rF_HighVoltage Support
    -- 2 x DRS Zones (2012-)

    - 2014 Update
    -- 2014 Advertising
    -- 2014 Session Lengths (18,15,12)
    -- 2014 Starting Grid Positions
    -- 2014 Garage Team & Driver Names
    -- 2014 Coloured Grass and Gravel

    -- Sensible Anti-Cuts for League Racing

    -- Balanced LOD Distances
    --- Excellent FPS



    - doser

    6325-MelbourneGrandPrixCircuit-9869.jpeg 6325-Melbourne_Grand_Prix_Circuit.jpg 6325-MelbourneGrandPrixCircuit-1612.jpeg 6325-MelbourneGrandPrixCircuit-6072.jpg 6325-MelbourneGrandPrixCircuit-7690.jpeg
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