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Meadowlands Grand Prix

Meadowlands Grand Prix 2021-05-08

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Meadowlands Grand Prix

Conversion from rFactor to GTR2/GTL/Race 07 by Sergio Hundo

Thank to AR RFACTOR TRACKS, the track's creator to rFactor for permission and give for us the opportunity to run that track in GTR2. I reworked lighting track, shadows of severals objects and textures. I changed and reworked the skyboxi, but it can be bettered in futures versions. And others "smalls" details...This track feature 24 cars in grid. No rain reflection.

Known Issues:
- The tracking camera need fix in two parts of the track. It keep static in this parts.

The purpose of all this is to provide entertainment, without any financial or commercial return. Have fun ! This is enough.

Unzip rar file with Winrar or similar program and paste in Location folder in GTR2. Enjoy !!!

Sergio Hundo

M 03.JPG

M 02.JPG

M 01.JPG

Latest reviews

Nice track ! "Have fun ! This is enough." You said everything in few words. Thank you.
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Looks good, I would like to race here, but very hard on FPS yet graphics are pretty old school. I'm getting 200+ fps on some tracks (eg. Imola 1994) but here I get 40-60 and it's up and down very unfortunate driving experience.
sergio hundo
Shovas, I understand what you say about FPS and the style of the track (ups and downs), but I believe that this is not a reason for you to evaluate with three stars, because many people when they see this type of evaluation, they think that the the track is poorly made, it has errors, the author is careless ... Treat these questions first, as a suggestion, in the Discussion section. For reasons like that, I already thought about never making conversions again. I thank you if you understand me. And I know how much I can have your opinion to improve all the work done. Thanks.
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sergio hundo
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